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Do You Kiss Your Cat?

Do You Kiss Your Cat?

Here’s a question for cat lovers: do you kiss your cat? How many times a day do you kiss them? Maybe kissing your cat is over the top for you.

Another question: when a cat licks you, do you think of it as them “kissing”?

It’s practically impossible not to adore a friendly cat. When a cat comes up to you and shows affection, you just want to give them a big hug! We love our cats, so naturally we want to be affectionate towards them and let them know we care.

Many cats love to cuddle, but some owners take things further and kiss their cats, too. Are you one of them? I want to hear all about what my readers think today.

What do you think of kissing your cat: totally OK or over the line?

And now, about that “licking vs. kissing” issue… our behaviorist did some research on this topic and wrote a great article on it. Go to: Is Your Cat Kissing You Or Licking You?

Whether you have a kissing feline or keep your lips sealed, kiss to make up or show love another way, I hope you liked this information!