A cat dressed up for cold weather.

Celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day with 8 Fashionable Cats

For some cat parents, every day is a new opportunity to try out fun looks on their four-legged pals. Others save the cat clothes for special occasions like National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14th). Whether you recognize the holiday every day or just once a year, you should scroll down to check out eight cats who are definitely ready to celebrate.

These Cool Cats Are Ready for Dress Up Your Pet Day


Morrison can’t get enough of sweater weather. He loves bundling up for a trip outside.


Some-bunny’s excited for another chance to try on this adorable costume!


With hockey season just around the corner, today’s the perfect day for Atchoum to shout out his local team.


Hosico looks good enough to eat in this in-bread-able costume.


You don’t have to be a tuxedo cat to wear a bow-tie. Elmo sure looks dapper in hers.


Nile’s all-plaid outfit is the purr-fect look for Dress Up Your Pet Day — or any day.


Pisco paws-itively loves trying on new clothes and costumes. This one in particular is a bear-y good look.


Mochi is the apple of our eye — and maybe yours too! — in this sweet costume.

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