Finders Keeper

It’s no secret that animals, especially kittens are often abandoned by those who should take responsibility for their welfare. Fortunately there are a lot of cat crazy people in this world who know that one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. I just read a touching story about a family whose found treasure brought them 16 years of joy.

Margaret Mcdonough in Bemus Point, New York writes about how their family happened upon a surprise that would bring them a lifetime of joy. Hiking in Dewittville New York, Margaret, her husband and her six year old daughter didn’t expect to bring anything with them from the trails. When their daughter immediately went running from the car after what she claimed was a kitten, they were more than a little worried. Margaret’s husband figured their girl had surely found a skunk and raced after her to avert disaster. The little girl was right, though. She had found a longhaired gray kitten about as small as a kitten can be.

Her father tried to convince her that they could leave the kitten where they had found it and come back for it when they returned. The little girl wouldn’t hear of it. They hiked all the way up and back with the adorable, although flea-ridden kitty. Their daughter named the cat “Smokey.”

Smokey turned out to be cat with a lot of personality and odd taste in food. She loved doughnuts. As if to prove it, one day the cat happened upon a box of fresh doughnuts in the kitchen, opened them up and tasted every single one. Margaret and her family enjoyed Smokey’s company for sixteen years and still miss her a great deal. They are so happy that they found this abandoned cat and were able to share their lives with her.

So many cats out there don’t find a good forever home, though. Be sure to spay and neuter your animals so that none are ever born into the world unwelcome!

Do you have a cat that makes your world a better place? Be sure to share your story with us. We would love to hear it!

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