From Street Cat to Royal Highness

Cats so often become a piece of our history. It hurts that we cannot keep them any longer than their short lives will allow, but the memories they leave us with are priceless. Our cats purr and snuggle with us through the hard times and give us so many wonderful reasons to laugh. They are unforgettable blessings that stay with us for the rest of our lives. I just read a touching story about a cat that became a precious part of a woman’s memories.

Wilma Kemp in Port Elizabeth, South Africa writes about a cat that weasled into her life, made Wilma her slave and gave her a lifetime of wonderful memories. Wilma hadn’t planned on taking the cat that she had been watching run the neighborhood for two years. She saw the gorgeous long-haired black and white cat with the unmistakable moustache every day. She would occasionally stop to pet the pretty feline, but kept her heart at a distance. She had just lost her cat Tiger to cancer and had no intention of bringing another into her tiny flat. The stray cat had other plans for her though.

After being away on vacation for a month, Wilma pulled into her parking space and the stray cat hopped on her hood. When Wilma opened the door to get out, she was greeted by a gentle paw. The cat proceeded to follow Wilma up to her flat, when she made herself at home and never left. Wilma named the cat Bokkie Bam, an Afrikaans (Dutch) name and their adventures began.

Wilma is a journalist and soon Bokkie Bam was known by her readers as the talkative cat from the streets with high-end tastes. Bokkie Bam ate the finest food and eventually moved from the tiny flat to a farm near the sea. In her new home she could roam outdoors and enjoy the ocean sunset with Wilma, her chosen slave. To Wilma though, Bokkie Bam was inspiration, a reason to write about nature and love.

The two were together for six years when Bokkie Bam became ill and was found to have feline aids. She lost her fight with the virus, but will always have a place in Wilma’s heart and memories. Wilma has two cats now and loves them dearly, but thinks often about the wonderful times she had with Bokkie Bam and hopes that someday they will meet again.

Do you have a story about a cat that has inspired your life? Be sure to share. We would love to hear it!

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