British Shorthair – Smokey

The British shorthair invaded the British Isles some 2,000 years ago. Originally brought by the Romans, the British shorthair stayed on when the Romans left, maintaining their key position as mouser. At times persecuted, the British shorthair remained the household mouser until the 1800s when the British decided to invite the cats into their home. The Brit, as it is called, was breed for specific traits and became more than a mouser, but a purebred status symbol.

Today in its home country as well as America and others, the Brit has quite a following. In fact, I just read a story about one Brit in Australia that just couldn’t be more adored by his owner.

Joanne Smedley in Adelaide, Australia writes to extol the virtues of her Brit, Smokey. She explains that Smokey is far from a recluse and instead is her constant shadow. He sits with her at the computer and if she gets up to leave, will walk through the house “calling” for her. He loves to have his belly rubbed and his tail gently pulled. He’ll even let Joanne tickle his feet.

Smokey is six years old now and enjoys napping on his back. In fact, he lets Joanne carry him on his back cradled like a baby. She doesn’t doubt that he loves her as much as she loves him, purring and grooming her. This sweet-natured kitty has never bitten or scratched a soul.

Brits are known for their British reserve and good manners. They tend to follow their owners from room to room just like Smokey. They are not necessarily a cat from someone who wants a high-energy kitty, but those that love them best swear they are the perfect cat.

If you’re cat crazy and ready to add another purring friend to your household, but sure to do a little research to find the right breed from you. Or better yet, visit your local shelter and meet your next best friend. And don’t forget to share your great cat crazy stories. We would love to hear them!

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