Funny Cats

Funny cats. Do you think cats can be funny? Comedian Milton Berle once said, "Laughter is an instant vacation." He must have had a cat. One sure way to feel the relaxation of a vacation in your home is to laugh at the antics and amusing curiosities of your beloved kitty. Finding humor in your cat's innocent, silly ways can help you lower your blood pressure and heart rate, help you forget about your worries, boost your body's endorphins (which are natural pain-killers), and decrease stress hormones.

Cats probably wouldn't admit to clowning around; they probably prefer to be seen in a more sophisticated light. Secretly, though, I am sure they love bringing their owners relaxation and happiness. Just try not to bruise your cats ego too badly with a big belly laugh as she bravely stalks her computer cursor prey!

My five year old calico cat, Opal, brings me smiles and giggles every day. The entertainment begins in the morning when I get out of bed and hear her exceptionally loud, obnoxious meow / squawk, beckoning her food bowl to be topped off with fresh food. She will not relax until this important task has been accomplished. She seems to think a famine will ensue if her bowl is not heaping. One morning she was so desperate she purred and rubbed against her usually unwelcome Doberman-brother's legs, as if begging him to feed her, because he was the first one to acknowledge her!

An amused Opal equals an amused cat mom. I am thoroughly entertained watching my cat stalk tiny bugs as if they were challenging prey or tirelessly chase a feather on a stick. Even funnier is when she feels her level of sophistication is at risk, and she shakes the shame from her paws and walks away, as if uninterested.

My cats many quirks also bring me smiles. There is a spot at the end of her tail that seems to be a power switch for her "meow-er". Touch that spot and she will speak; touch it enough and it triggers swatting action. Of course, her dismay is always instantly followed with a purr and a head-butt. Then there is the random cat-crazies quirk. She flies through the house at full-speed making odd noises under breath. She hits the Pergo kitchen floor, scrambles in place for a few moments, then does a 180 and heads back upstairs. What gets into cats when they do these things?

Most cats have some impressive acrobatic skills that bring their family entertainment. Opal carries with her the floppy, extra-skin-type belly that sways a bit when she walks. One would assume this would hinder her athletic abilities, particularly her flying squirrel impression. Surprisingly, it doesn't, especially when she is going between her two favorite locations: the bed and her food bowl. She hunkers down, plans her attack, and soars across the room from bed to dresser. Every time I am impressed, and every time it brings me a little laugh.

I am quite thankful for my cat and the joys she brings me. She's my own personal comedian that brightens my days. Don't let your cat tell you she is too mature for silliness. She has an inner-kitten that would love to bring you smiles.

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