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Funny Holiday Cat Stories

We asked our cat lovers for funny stories about their cats that involve the holidays. Do you have a story? Share it with us!

Here are some cute stories that our wonderful cat lovers submitted. We hope you enjoy them.

Ornery Cats

When we used to put up a Christmas tree I always hung unbreakable ornaments on the bottom of the tree for the cats to play with. Some of the cats would take the ornaments off the tree and stock pile them behind the tree. There was this cute little pile of ornaments tucked away out of sight. We quit putting up the tree because the cats would try to eat the plastic needles and I was afraid it might harm them. We also would tie our tree to the wall so the cats could climb safely in the tree. We had one cat who was so smart that she would climb up and untie the tree. Love my cats, Linda

Ornery Cat…and Ornery Dad

One Christmas when I was 12, I was sitting below the Christmas tree wrapping gifts. My Siamese was happily batting the plastic ornaments we put near the bottom just to keep her distracted from any real mischief. My father was reading the paper in a chair across the room. I was really concentrating on wrapping the gifts, so I didn’t notice when the cat started climbing the tree. Dad did, but he didn’t say a word until the tree and cat started to fall on top of me. He didn’t shout, “Look Out!” or “Oh, NO!” He just said, “Timber!” Ling, the cat, took off dragging the garland behind her. I gingerly made my way out from under the tree and glared at my father, who was smiling broadly. Mom wrapped his gift. CJ

What Happens if Your Pet Drinks Water From the Tree

Then the dog. We took a picture of the first culprit drinking the water alone. Then the dog. Of course they were doing this together many times during the day. My daughter made a Christmas card with the cat on the front, saying something to this effect “If you drink too much this is what happens”, and then inside the card was the picture of the dog drinking the tree water. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was very cute. Merry Christmas! Michelle

A Cat Wanted Her Presents

It was one Christmas around 1993. We had a very finicky cat that would punish us every time She got a Bath. Three days before Christmas right after a bath she went missing. We looked the house over and she couldn’t be found. We decided she must have slipped out while we were bringing in presents or groceries. It was a sad time we had had this cat for 7 years and she was a important member of the family- my daughters were devastated. Our cat “Fancy” was gone. We even put out food outside and inside and it wasn’t touched. I had decided she must have been hit by a car or someone had taken her. She was very beautiful. On Christmas morning my oldest daughter was sitting at the bottom of the tree giving out presents. And she picked up one that had Fancy’s name on it my daughter said what are we going to do with Fancy’s stuff? About that Time Fancy started Meow! Meow! Meow! And started climbing down the Christmas tree. I guess it didn’t matter how mad she was about the bath, she wasn’t letting another Cat get her presents. This was a very Merry Christmas. Fancy Style. Merry Christmas Susan Clark

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