Having Been Chosen by My Delilah

Bonding. That special emotional connection, a spark that says: we have a relationship like no other. It doesn't matter if it happens between two people or between a person and a very special pet-when it happens it is magical. I would like to share the following story from Uta DiFrancesco about bonding.

"My wonderful neighbors next door decided to have a cat again after a few years of being empty nesters. So they came home with two Bengal cats named Samson and Delilah.

My husband John and I had 2 Persian cats we loved dearly and we never let them outside. Though, they were getting on in years; Delilah fell in love with Pasha the blue Persian male. Within one year both my cats died at of old age. At that time, Delilah who was 5 years old, was always at odds with my neighbors. They would let both Samson and Delilah play outside, but Delilah was more elusive and skittish and not a super friendly cat.

So one day while I sitting outside in my yard she jumped into my lap like it was an every day affair and settled in and kneaded me very lovingly. I was absolutely surprised and amazed. Then another day she did the same thing, jump in my lap and make herself at home. Then, little by little she decided to move in with us and completely adopted us as her parents. Now, came the tricky part-It took us a while to subtly let the neighbors know what was happening between Delilah and us. Our wonderful neighbors decided it was OK that Delilah chose us as her new parents because cats sometimes pick their owners or move away.

Delilah has been with us for 2 1/2 years now and is the most lovable, affectionate cat ever. She talks to us and every morning sits and waits to be wire brushed. She never ever does anything wrong like scratching furniture or having a bad day with her cat box. She is a princess and absolutely perfect pet. She gives kisses if asked and loves the house and us.

Delilah had a sense that we needed a pet again and decided to do something about it. So she just moved in. On occasion, she still visits her brother but it seems he misses her more than she does him.

The reason I am writing this story, is that I just put her in intensive care over at our Vet for Pyothorax and she was extremely critical and close to death. The vet did not believe she might make it to the next day; but she is already doing much better after they found the cause of her difficulties. The great news is Delilah is now being treated and she has to spend another day in the hospital. We all know how expensive it is to go to the physician; it is the same –even more tremendous taking your loved one to the vet. As you can imagine, we just love Delilah way too much and she belongs back in her surroundings loving life the way she does. Uta DiFrancesco."

I just have a feeling that even before Delilah fully recovers, she will have taken her place on Uta's lap bonding with her human parent, sharing the love.

Do you have a bond between you and your kitty-We would love to read your stories-so please share them with us.

And, remember; if you are feel that your life could stand for some TLC or if you really in the mood to have a major bonding experience, then check out your local animal shelter for true unconditional love.

Until next time…

Petplace Staff

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