Her Cats are Just like Children

If you have a multiple cat household, then you completely understand how entertaining cat dynamics can be. There is no question that cats are different. Each feline personality involves different likes, dislikes and traits. When you put together a couple of different kinds of feline fun, watching the interactions can be great entertainment! I just read a cute story about how two cats act no different than human children in their home.

Kimberly Shinabery in Denver, Colorado has a brother and sister cat that constantly keep her entertained. Curtis (the brother) and Tyne (the sister) are three years old and have each other figured out. Kimberly says they get jealous over her attention just like human children. Sometimes when Curtis is in Kimberly’s lap, Tyne will come over and push him off so that she can have the coveted spot. Sometimes though, Tyne uses a little trickery to get what she wants.

One night Curtis was sitting in the coveted favorite lap while Kimberly was sitting on the couch. Tyne sat on the back of the couch, apparently scheming. The sister cat got up and disappeared down the hall and into the bedroom where she began to meow. Curtis, letting his kitty curiosity get the better of him, got up to investigate. All of the sudden Tyne came running back into the living room, leaping into Kimberly’s lap. A befuddled Curtis followed in her wake, looking as if he realized he had just been tricked.

Kimberly works with children for a living and swears the kitty tactics aren’t unlike those she sees children engaged in every day. That’s half the fun of having multiple cats, after all! If you only have one cat in your home, you may be missing out. Perhaps consider adopting another feline personality into your home this holiday season!

What have your cats been up to? Be sure to share your stories with us!

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