Her Maine Coon is the Perfect Companion!

They say that pets look like their owners, but sometimes our cats truly are a mirror of us. So many cat crazy people wouldn’t trade their favorite kitty for anything and it’s often because they have grown to be the perfect companion. If you choose a breed that fits your own temperament or find a rescue kitty that chooses you, chances are that the both of you will grow into a long and fantastic relationship. I just read a wonderful story about a woman and her fourteen-year-old Maine coon that have the best possible friendship.

Linda in Spring Hill, Florida has nothing but wonderful things to say about Boolah her Maine coon. The two have had some wonderful adventures together. Boolah came to Linda on her 49th birthday as a gift from her daughter and the two have been inseparable ever since. Boolah goes everywhere with Linda, even to conventions. She recently took a road trip from Montana to Florida and didn’t mind at all.

Boolah has racked up a lot of sky miles and although Linda jokes that the airline should count Boolah’s miles right along with hers, she’s happy to just to have her friend along with her. Linda notes that they have a lot in more common than sky miles; they both battle the bulge and hate the scales. They both also love each others company.

Perhaps the Maine coon, one of oldest natural breeds in North America is a perfect fit for Linda. The breed ranks number 2 in American favorites and this could very well be because of the cat’s intelligence and clown-like antics. Considering that the breed was probably brought over on sailing ships from Europe to the “New World,” it’s no wonder that Boolah is the perfect traveling companion For Linda.

Do you have a cat that’s a perfect fit for you? Be sure to share your stories with us!

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