Here Comes Trouble

No matter where you live or where life takes you, if you are Pet Crazy, chances are you are going to have animals with you! Most of us feel that a house isn't a home without a cat, so wherever life takes you, your cat will likely be going with you.

I just read a wonderful story about a cat that has led quite an amazing life and has travel far to be with his family, but not without giving a bit of trouble to his human companions. Elizabeth Solomon writes to us from Saudi Arabia to tell us about Konnan, a tuxedo cat with a penchant for trouble.

Elizabeth met Konnan when he was three weeks old and living with a kind person who had rescued him off the streets. The little male was giving his would be rescuer quite a bit of trouble. Elizabeth took him in and named him Konnan because she had just returned from six months in Japan and that was the Japanese word for trouble.

Konnan bit, climbed and chewed on everything. Elizabeth hoped that after being neutered the cat might slow down a bit. No such luck. She tried taking him out for walks on a leash, which worked for a while, at least until Konnan discovered other cats. He became more difficult and the lead and when he bit Elizabeth, she had to give up the walking.

For much of his life, Elizabeth then let him roam free. This lasted until one day he didn't return home. Elizabeth was sick with worry and when he didn't come home all night and the next morning, she started making phone calls. When she finally located Konnan, he had been trapped by a neighbor. Konnan had been jumping into the fenced yard and chewing on the man's de-clawed Persian.

From then on Konnan was kept inside and things were fine for a couple of years. When Elizabeth and her husband had to return to Japan though, they couldn't take their cats with them. Instead they brought them back home to states to stay with their son and daughter. Konnan had never forgotten what it had been like to roam and had never quit trying to escape, and one day in North Carolina he succeeded.

Elizabeth was sick with worry and her son and daughter tried their best, but couldn't find the wayward kitty. So when Elizabeth had the opportunity to return to the states for six weeks, she took it and used her time to look for Konnan.

For a while the possibilities seemed bleak. After many posted flyers and phone calls she had no leads. Then one morning on a walk, she showed Konnan's picture to another woman and gave her a number. Two days before Elizabeth was supposed to leave for Saudi Arabia, the woman called her with a sighting of the cat. Elizabeth was ecstatic!

Her husband told her to stay an extra two weeks to try to catch him up and settle him in. So Elizabeth got to work. She went to the place where Konnan had been spotted and called for him, but there wasn't a whisker to be seen or a meow to be heard. She was disheartened, but spoke with some boys about the cat that had been missing for six months now. The boys confirmed that they had seen him, but weren't any help in pinpointing the cat's location. So Elizabeth went back to posting flyers and just as she turned to find another place to post, who should come walking down the street but Konnan!

Konnan and his "sister" Moko are now back in Saudi Arabia with Elizabeth. They have a screened in back porch where they can watch birds and nap in the sun. Konnan's roaming days are over, although he does get to go for walks on his leash again and so far behaves. Elizabeth says, "There is something endearing about him, even though he is certainly well-named: TROUBLE."

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