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How Cat Lovers Celebrate the Holidays with Their Cats

Here are some ways pet lovers spend the holidays with their pets. We hope you enjoy reading them and get some ideas for your own holiday traditions.

The tradition got started for me back in 2000 because of a cat, Zoobie, who was a 9 yr old cat I met at a local no-kill shelter. He’d been there since he was a kitten and was feral despite everyone’s best efforts. When he was 8 yrs old, he started pacing in circles. Veterinary specialists discovered that Zoobie had a huge brain tumor. In May, the tumor was removed by Dr Lisa Klopp. In June, Zoobie came to recover with me. He got stronger each day and soon could chase that pesky Cat Dancer all over his room. In August, when he had recovered and was out of danger, I formally adopted him. He was still feral though and kept his distance. In December, I kept getting a feeling that Zoobie needed a real Christmas tree. I tried pushing the idea from my mind, but it wouldn’t go away. Finally, I gave in. I bought a beautiful 8 ft. Douglas fir tree, brought it in the house, put it in the stand, then decorated it with red plastic balls and paper snowflakes. Zoobie absolutely loved it! He made it clear that he wanted me to play with him by chasing him back and forth around the tree. If I stopped to catch my breath, he would stop, too and wait for me. When I tired out, I plopped down in a nearby chair. Zoobie sauntered right over, brushed against my ankles, and then hopped up in my lap, purring. He never acted feral again. His trust and friendship were the best Christmas presents I’ve ever had. I lost Zoobie in January 2007 to lung cancer-he was 16 yrs old. As I put up my Christmas tree each year, I fondly remember that special Christmas and know that Zoobie is watching and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Kindest regards, Linda Moore