Inky Beats the Odds!

Sometimes you meet an animal that is considered beyond help and just know that you can make a difference. Even though it is against the odds, you know in your heart that you can save it. Animals that have made it through a rough start in life are often the very best sort of friends. I just read a touching story about a cat that beat the odds because two very loving women believed he could.

Darla Lynn Circa tells the story about her daughter, a nineteen year-old aspiring veterinary technician and the cat that she fought to save. Darla explains that her daughter, Jacqulynn has always had a special connection with animals, sometimes even when no other person can reach them. Jacqulynn herself was born three months premature and began her life fighting. Perhaps that’s why she believed in “Inky”.

Inky came into Jacqulynn’s vet office and seemed to be about four or five weeks old and in dangerous health. He was malnourished, had an upper respiratory infection, severely infected eyes and had been scalded by someone’s cup of hot coffee. The veterinarian had made the difficult decision to euthanize the kitten. Something about the kitten made Jacqulynn want to save him, however and so she asked the vet to let her try and nurse him back to health.

At home with Darla and Jacqulynn, the poor cat could barely stand on his own and refused to eat. They patiently and lovingly gave him care, all the while thinking that any day they may have to make the decision to put him down. The first week was touch and go, but Inky slowly began to recover.

Three months later, Inky has proved he has the heart of a fighter. He is healthy and full of love and life, constantly purring no matter what he is doing. Jacquylnn named him “Inky” because he looks like he dipped his paw in ink and wiped his mouth with it. Just like his coloring seems to imply, he is a delightful and funny cat that loves to play and find fun.

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