A cat in a devil costume for Halloween.

These 9 Instagram-Famous Cats are Ready for Halloween

1. @nile_sphynx

Nile has already shown off several costumes since autumn started. We’re especially fond of this look, an “un-fur-gettable” elephant.

2. @toasted_elvis

While you’re enjoying candy corn, take a look at this adorable unicorn — or is it a unicat? Elvis is all dressed up for a magical Halloween.

3. @pisco_cat

Why not take a break from Halloween candy with a slice of avo-cat-o courtesy of Pisco the Cat? This costume looks good enough to eat.

4. @mytigerjojo

Arrr you ready for Halloween? Tiger Jojo sure is. Check out his profile to see dozens of other costumes and seasonal looks.

5. @wafflethetabby

Lace up your gloves, step into the ring, and get ready to rumble because Waffles’ costume packs a real punch.

6. @beatriceticketyboo

Any cat can have nine lives, but how many can say they’ve got eight legs? Beatrice can in this scarily cute spider costume.

7. @eatdrinkcat

Some folks can’t stand the taste of candy corn. Everyone can agree, however, that Harley looks sweet in her festive candy corn costume.

8. @snerlcat

Howdy, partner! Sterling B. Smokes is celebrating his Texas roots with this cowboy costume. He’s ready to rustle up some treats on October 31st.

9. @cobythecat

This Halloween, Coby’s rolling out to Flavortown in a Guy Fieri costume that’s absolutely “out of bounds.”