Jack the Jumper Proves that Cats Love to Play

Watching a cat play is one of the most enjoyable aspects of keeping cats as pets. Cat crazy people around the world revel in the antics of their playful kitties. Sometimes we are even part of the sport as willing participants or in surprise attacks. I just read a cute story about a domestic shorthaired that gave her best friend a rude awakening.

Elaine in Lubbock Texas explains how her cat Jack keeps things lively around their home. She notes that Jack was extremely rambunctious when he was a kitten and that not a lot has changed in his adulthood. Jack in his nocturnal wanderings was likely getting into all kinds of trouble, but not getting enough interaction. He climbed up a shoe rack hanging from the door near Elaine’s bed where she was sound asleep…but not for long. Jack came flying through the air and landed on her head. It was a startling way to start the day. She says that he is silly and affectionate and frustrating, but she wouldn’t have him any other way.

Have you ever wondered why cats are so playful? Sure it’s a lot of fun, sometimes at our expense, but cat play has a purpose. When young cats play they establish social order, work on their hunting skills and generally increase their survival ability. Perhaps this isn’t necessary to a housecat’s ability to get a meal and outrun danger, but the instincts are there just the same.

In the first two to seven weeks a cat is absorbing every bit of information that they glean. They are little sponges learning by watching, playing and getting into trouble. Even as a kitten gets older, playing keeps their mind and body exercised. Even a senior cat will have playful moments and bursts of energy that reveal the kitten that still lives in their heart. So enjoy their play for what it is: a wonderful part of being a cat!

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