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Other Small Pets

If you have a small pet like a hamster, Guinea pig or rabbit, there are some precautions you must take. Cats are natural predators, so keep your smaller friends safe by keeping them in an enclosure that cannot be opened by your cat's paw. Keep your pets in a room that is off limits to your cat unless you are there to supervise.

Do the same with birds but be careful where you keep them. Birds must be kept only in certain places so they stay healthy. For example they should not be placed in direct sun or draft or even in the kitchen. Check with your veterinarian if you need help.

You should make sure the enclosures of your smaller pets and birds have houses and boxes so they can crawl inside and escape from the cat's sight if they want to. Your pets might be upset if the cat sits himself down and stares at them for long periods of time.

Introducing Your Kitty to Younger Brothers and Sisters

Children often don't realize that you have to be very careful with a small cat or kitten. You should always be there to supervise when your young brothers or sisters are around.

When you bring your kitty home, ask your brothers or sisters to sit down and let the kitty come to them. Explain that they should not scare the kitty by moving fast or making loud noises. They shouldn't rush at the kitty or try to pick the kitty up. Explain that while sitting on the floor, the kitty will probably climb on them anyway.

Tell your younger brothers and sisters they should never pick the kitty up or try to carry him around. Kittens or even some cats can get hurt if they are dropped on the floor.

Be Patient

Remember to supervise your brothers and sisters and spend lots of time with all your pets – and be patient. They will get used to each other – eventually.


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