Just for Kids: Is Your Cat Really Stuck in the Tree?

Just for Kids: Is Your Cat Really Stuck in the Tree?

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You are probably very careful to keep your cat inside the house where it is safe. But one day it happens: Your mom is accepting a package from Fed Ex and like a flash, your kitty is out the door. Before you know it she has climbed the tree.

So she’s up there and you are down here and soon she begins to cry. Now what do you do?

Cats love to climb so it’s not surprising that she’d scoot up the tree. It’s fun for her. The problem is that cats aren’t very good at getting back down. Their claws are constructed for climbing up – not like squirrels’ claws, which allow them to go both ways.

But is she really stuck?

Not really. If you are patient enough, she’ll probably find a way to get back down. She might jump down if she’s not too, too high. Or she might shimmy down backwards.

In the Meantime

You don’t want her to stay up there too long. If you can’t wait, there are some things you can do to get your kitty to come down on her own.

  • Keep other people and animals away from the tree. One thing that will keep her from coming down is you and five of your friends calling, “Here Kitty!”
  • Get a can of her favorite food and place the opened can on the ground at the base of the tree where she can smell it.
  • Now comes the hard part – go inside and wait. You can still watch her from inside to make sure you see her when she comes down.

    You may have to wait several hours, but eventually, your cat will realize that it is up to her to get down and she’ll find a way. If she absolutely refuses, you can get a ladder and go up after her. You should have your parents help with this.

    Just wait until she’s back in the house before you give her a well- deserved hug and kiss.



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