Just for Kids: Kitten Hazards

Kittens are cute and loveable but they can get into all kinds of trouble. They investigate everything. When they find something that interests them, they watch it, they bat it around a little, they smell it and they bite it. Their curiosity about their surroundings is part of their growing up to be smart cats.

But just like babies and small children, kittens have no idea what is good for them or what can hurt them. It's up to you to make sure that your kitten's world – and everything in it – is safe for him to play in.

Here are some things that can be dangerous for your kitty:

As you read this list, the main message seems to be that you should be with your kitten when he wants to play so you can supervise. But you should also look at your house from his point of view. Take notice of what's lying around on tabletops, counters and floors. Send yourself on a "foreign object hunt" every once in a while to make sure the things your kitten investigates are safe and fun. And make sure your mom and dad keep dangerous products locked away.