Just for Kids: Your Kitten’s First 6 Weeks

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Just like human babies, kittens may feel some pain when they teethe and may start chewing on things – sometimes even you. Make sure you provide some safe things for chewing, like soft rubber chew toys. If you notice that any of the kittens are not eating, make sure they see your veterinarian.

Weeks Five and Six

By the fifth week, kittens' sight is developed. So are their motor skills and social interactions. They also start sleeping more like adult cats and stay awake more. They can run, and they place their feet very precisely so they don't look so awkward. They are learning to stalk and pounce, and they are also learning to groom themselves and their littermates by wiping their little faces with their paws.

Mother cat will start weaning her kittens around now, so the kittens should be eating from their own bowl. Kittens will really start playing now and will enjoy being held by you. At this time their play is active with much pouncing, chasing and rolling around. They are very curious and as they explore they learn all about being a cat. And they will become happy and social animals as they learn to play with you.

Kittens are still learning from their mother and should not be separated from her or from their littermates. Even after 12 or 15 weeks, when it is time to separate kittens from their mother, you will have to take over where the mother left off and continue to train your kitten and keep him safe.


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