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Just for Your Cat – 2014 Pet Horoscopes

2014 Pet Horoscopes

We would like to share our monthly astrological guide for your cat (and you). These pet horoscopes are a fun way to look at what is going to happen this year with your kitty.

Are you looking forward to a year full of peace and happiness for your feline? With Petplace’s new horoscopes, find out what the stars have in store for your companion animal. It’s time to take a sneak peek into the future and discover what your cat(s) can look forward to in terms of both human and animal bonds, feelings, and good times. Seize the month for your pet!

If you need help figuring out your pet’s sign, please read What’s Your Cat’s Sign?

If you know your cats sign – read below:

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THIS MONTH FOR LEO ( July 23-August 22) The Leo cat is is oh-so nurturing, intuitive and patient. Your feline is also an affectionate attention-getter, and a persevering puss on the prowl. Your Lion is most likely a people-cat, courageous, and boasts a hero cat personality, too. The rub is that this pet believes it’s regal and you’ll be happiest if you treat it like it is royalty. If your domesticated cat doesn’t have its way, it can be bossy and have a hissy fit (yes, Leos do have tempers). Your unafraid feline is apt to have lots of human and animal friends. And note, Leo cats can possess dog-like qualities so be ready to be Top Cat for ultimate respect.

Purr-fect matches: Best owners and pets for the Leo cat are other strong fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) and its opposite sun sign, Aquarius is ideal. So if you’re thinking of adopting another pet, keep these signs in mind…


Relationships: Leo felines are more feisty than usual and during the Full Moon on the 10th they may be put to test. A fellow dog or cat in your household may irk it or a bond of the century could be made. Chill and let your cat work it out. However it ends it will be fine-indifference or best friends forever. But note, Leo pets are social so it’s likely we’re looking at a BFF.

Well-Being: Summer stressors may stress out your fire sign cat despite its bold nature. Enough is enough. You may be aware of chaos, from loud thunder to fireworks come Labor Day Weekend-or worse, a family vacation, cat excluded. On the upside, you and your cat will survive. What’s more, you will appreciate each other even more when the cooler month follows leading into fall.

Highlights: Speaking of change, this is the month kitty may be challenged by novelty but Leo cats can endure almost anything. Remember, though, fire signs are not big on patience so give your feline time to adapt to any situation and it should fare well. However, if you’re not going to be around, make plans so your cat won’t be solo 24/7-it’s a people and pet-loving puss so solitude will not be enjoyed for most felines born in July and August.

Cat-loving celebrity: “I have my favorite cat, who is my paperweight, who is my paperweight, on any desk while I am writing.” –Ray Bradbury (writer), August 22

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)

Virgo, known as The Virgin, is an Earth sign-shy, aloof and finicky-which may nudge you as your cat copes with late summer changes, whether it’s experiencing new people or new places or stray pets and wild animals on the prowl outdoors.

Relationships: This month some Virgo cats may be more anti-social thanks to planet Mercury (communication). No reason to be spooked, in fact, your feline may behave like a dog. That means, it will act more social. Take advantage of August and enjoy the intellectual cat during your at-home down time. Be careful, though, since you four-legger will be acting out of its comfort zone, be on guard for any unwanted surprises. It is a cat despite its human-like actions!

Well-Being: Health and behavioral issues shouldn’t be a big worry in August. July fireworks are over-a mega stressor for cats. Since Virgo felines can be a bit skittish and hide their nervous energy, be on the watch for any physical or psychological kitty woes which should pass. Go ahead and brush your cat’s teeth and trim its nails, a must for an obsessive Virgo puss. Also, give your cat extra attention-even a soothing massage-to make sure it is calm.

Highlights: This month Virgo felines may be up for you brushing its coat if longhair or a change of food to a premium brand (do transition slowly with the thumbs up from your vet). Perhaps, a new collar to match your cat’s eyes is in order. It’s the month to pamper your precious kitty to help the Virgo stay grounded as summer days begin to fade.

Cat-loving celebrity: “Cats sleep fat, but walk thin.” –Fred Scwab (cartoonist), August 25

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

Welcome to a good month for your Libran feline-the balanced, easygoing and people-friendly air sign because you’re headed toward bliss outdoors and there’s a heady side of you that’s going to be nourished indoors.

Relationships: This is the season for your cat to be a social magnet. Yep, Libra cats are going to be balanced for most of the month-except if Labor Day Weekend festivities are noisy. Your kitty’s harmony-loving temperament may stay on even keel because of the extra attention thanks to the Full Moon before, during or after August 10. A special cat person may enter and that means you cat will be part of the action. But then again, it’s a fickle Libra and don’t be shocked if there is a change of heart towards that human.

Well-Being: Make sure you give quiet time to the Libran feline. A new cat tree and toys may be perfect, too. Due to a combination of planets, August may be busy and Lib will shy away from all the action to stay balanced. It’s not you-it’s their preference to play the introvert from time to time for sanity’s sake.

Highlights: Libran pussycats can look forward to a sense of calm in September when kids go back to school, the heat is off, and celebrations cease. Being a little more calm is something you and your cat will experience. It’s a good thing. So, August is a semi-prelude to a serene environment on the horizon. Tell your cerebral cat that and it will understand less turbulent days are coming.

Cat-loving celebrity: “I really am a cat transformed into a woman.” –Brigette Bardot (actor), September 28

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

This will be the time life goes your feline’s way with friends, family, and strange pets-all on your calendar for days and nights which show promise of giving you attention, fun and sensual delights.

Relationships: Your sensitive water sign kitty may be a bit off August because of the heat, tourists, and noise of the summer. Translation: Breathe deep and keep your cat mellow to get through month. Scorpion cats can be a bit catty if things don’t go their way since they do love control. Beware: Near the New Moon on the 25th your cat may clam up or be mean-spirited. The change in behavior will not last long so help your cat relax and focus on pre-fall.

Well-Being: The thing is, you love your cat but you know Scorpy can be a controlling pet, at times. As noted above, when novelty occurs, Scorpion felines act out. Water sign cats can pick up on toxic energy. You can control its space to a great extent but not 100 percent. Scorpio can use its instincts and know the end is coming and its Zen (a calm place) will return.

Highlights: You will figure out how you can deal with your Scorpio cat’s sensitivity to summer days. A peaceful cat cave just for a sensitive cat, extra treats will help your sensitive kitty deal. Go ahead-give your efforts to your Scorpy feline and it will be sweet and sassy again soon. Remember, water sign cats pick up on negativity so you want to be positive for your pet this month.

Cat-loving celebrity: “I’ve always been mad about cats.” –Vivien Leigh (actor), November 5

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

This will be a good month for fun times, and that is exactly what typical Sag is-a fire sign that is free-spirited, friendly and playful. This independent cat can appreciate alone time or flanked with carefree animal friends and humans.

Relationships: August is a month that your cat may recall a time you two bonded, perhaps after returning after a vacation. Cats, like Sagittarians, love activity so rather than snooze get more active to rebuild that cat-human bond. Sagittarian felines are very passionate, excitement-loving creatures and spending non-boring time together will reignite passion in your relationship and good feelings.

Well-Being: Go ahead – amuse your Sag cat. They will come to you on “your” terms and everything will be back to normal. This month before the end of summer, you may notice your cat may be a bit on edge-perhaps due to the New Moon. By providing extra snuggles with you your fire sign pussycat, it will forget that it’s a jungle outdoors and be an animal in bliss.

Highlights: You can expect to make a cat-human connection because you keep your pet amused. In fact, the New and Full Moon periods can enhance your bond if you kick back, too, with your active feline. The days ahead are warm, so do remember your kitty may be a bit subdued as the temperature soars in the daytime. During intense summer times-with too much novelty-keep an eye on your cat so it stays hydrated and cool despite it being a fire sign.

Cat-loving celebrity: “If animals could speak the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow, but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.” – Mark Twain (author and humorist), November 30

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)

Chances are good that this is the month that you cat will get what dreams are made of-indeed your kitty’s dreams may come true. Cappie cats, an Earth sign tagged as aloof, strong, and patient.

Relationships: Chat It Up. This is the month for you to voice your feelings to your cat and get a response. It may take a while for your Capricorn feline to open up but it’s certainly possible for a new feline or your permanent kitty with attitude because of late summer chaos.
Thanks to a number of planets in Leo, passion may soar between you two or even a pet in your home will give in and Cappie will open up. If you communicate with your cat literally or telepathically, you may get further than you ever imagined.

Well-Being: Cappie felines can have nervous energy. Also, don’t forget this is the month before fall hits, so chilling with kitty is a must. Whatever is your cat’s thing is-do it to keep you both comfy. Perhaps cuddling in bed in the morning and night to letting your cat curl up in its own cat napper in the afternoon is all that the doctor orders. Stay cool and calm in this active month that calls for R&R.

Highlights: While a holistic approach will help to Goat felines feel good, finding an escape indoors is good medicine, too. Make your home a cat-friendly place, including screened windows, a fish aquarium, and cat trees. Your cat will chill and forgot about summer’s woes and enjoy the outdoors indoors. When cat and human are happy anything is possible. You both will be purring and be content in your comfort zone.

Cat-loving celebrity: “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” – Dr. Albert Schweitzer (philosopher, physician), January 14

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

Aquarian felines grab good cheer and this air sign-known for its independent, outgoing and rebellious nature-will live life out loud with activities each day brings.

Relationships: Follow the secret desires of your Water Bearer cat. This late summer it will lead you to the getting a fountain so kitty drinks more water-or perhaps fish tank to keep your cat amused. It’s time for reconnecting and enjoying the adventurous Aquarius cat-human bond this month. Your feline will take you to fun without leaving your abode. It’s times like these cat lover that you’ll recall and cherish quality pet time.

Well-Being: By the Full Moon on August 10 you will know that your cat is independent but can give time to make you happy. The unconditional understanding and love will keep you two connected. Not only will the fun times together and apart be good for you and your cat’s spirit, the physical fun will keep you both healthy body and mind. Note: Are you feeding your Aquarius the best cat food and the right amount? Don’t forget cat exercise to keep kitty fit this summer.

Highlights: After all, you have an exciting cat. Who needs diet woes pouncing on its fun? This August could be a month that something happens that’ll make you scratch your head while your cat copes with an itch: A pesky cat, annoying human neighbor? Whatever or whoever it is, your feline may think outside the litter box and solve any matters to keep a peaceful home for all, like an intelligent Aquarian feline.

Cat-loving celebrity: “No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to plenty of kittens.” – Abraham Lincoln (president), February 12

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Thanks to the shifting planets the universe will be kind to touch-feely Pisces-a water sign noted for devotion, intuitive and a sweet temperament-and promises only a few bumps, but overall smooth sailing without too much turbulence.

Relationships: Thanks to a myriad of planets this month, you’ll help your Pisces cat solve domestic disputes with pets or humans. If it isn’t getting along with a two-legger there may be change on the horizon. The bottom line: Kitty stays. Either way, both you and your cat will be much happier. Count on it-before the 31st rolls around. Perhaps it won’t come to choosing between you know who and the cat but be prepared.

Well-Being: Once your sensitive feline finds peace so will you. But note, the potential conflict earlier in the month may have affected your cat’s attitude. A trip to the vet and/or animal behaviorist could be in order to keep order in your happy home. It will be nothing that a visit (or two) can’t cure. Pisces kitties are very sensitive so any changes may show up in its actions. Be aware and soon all will be normal.

Highlights: Fish cats may ride a rocky month and it’s up to you to be the rock. As soon as your feline gets rid of the problem you two will get your groove back. By tuning into your animal friend and feeling its vibe it will help you survive the upset. Remember, Pisces has the sixth sense so do not tune out your cat’s signs that something just isn’t right. It will be okay in due time and before fall.

Cat-loving celebrity: “The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in New York and it meows in Los Angeles.” –Albert Einstein (theoretical physicist), March 14

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

This is an awesome month for adaptable, adventurous and bold Aries. The Ram embraces challenges and novelty as the month unfolds good times for you and your fearless kitty with wildcat instincts.

Relationships: Watch your brave feline, especially during both lunar cycles. While cats, all sizes and breeds, can deal with change, Ram felines do it with the greatest of ease. That’s where you come in and monitor situations. This month try to be more observant to keep the peace. But note, the Aries cat doesn’t like being told what to do, nor will they do it. So, use a gentle nudge and kitty will likely do most of what will keep everyone content.

Well-Being: Fire sign cats, like Aries, are action-oriented. While this trait is a good thing it can lead to unpredictable that can end up badly. Keep a close eye on your Ram cat so it does not flee into a situation that can be too risky. You are the pet parent–your fur child needs guidance to avoid any mishaps. Rather than be bossy, be assertive and show your cat the way to happiness.

Highlights: By the end of August, your Aries cat may relinquish some control and it will be a win-win ending. Both of you can most likely benefit from physical activity indoors. Playing games with or without another can will enhance your cat-human bond. This fire sign kitty loves action but once it gets its physical fix chilling quietly with you on the sofa or sleeping together is no problem.

Cat-loving celebrity: “I have cats. People call me all the time and say, ‘We know of a couple of cats people don’t care for,’ and I say, “Bring them!” – Doris Day (actor), April 3

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

Change is in the air for your cat, an Earth sign with traits of patience, poise and strong will. You’ll discover your Taurean feline can endure ups and downs, ending up landing on its feet while achieving amazing cat feats.

Relationships: Your Taurean feline has been working over-time to keep you feeling grounded. This month it’s time to let the Earth sign feline play for doing a good job. Not only will you get more loyalty but that pet of yours deserves a good time for being there for you 24/7, especially during July, a month full of novelty that can wreak havoc on its nerves as well as yours. August is a time to relax and rejuvenate with your cat.

Well-Being: Speaking of your Taurean cat’s emotional state, has it been over-indulging in food due to festivities last month? If so, taper so your kitty can lose that pouch as summertime wraps up. Not only will it keep your Bull cat healthier but it will be happier and more energetic, too. So, during Labor Day Weekend, no extra treats-just praise and play!

Highlights: During this month, your kitty may attract attention from friends or strangers. While Taurean felines can be a bit reserved, if it does warm up to one of your house guests, praise that cat. You want your feline to feel safe and sane; by acting social it will be showing you that it’s in its comfort zone and that’ll make you both happy no matter if the Full Moon or New Moon triggers Mother Nature to misbehave.

Cat-loving celebrity: “Cats have it all-admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.” –Rod McKuen, April 29

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

It’s the ideal time to pamper your kitty-key for air signs, like your Gemini cat, who are agile, restless and fickle-so they’ll feel balanced and glean good things from the universe before month’s end.

Relationships: Gemini felines are very vocal and very resilient and can be very social with other animals and people. Sometimes, these heady cats do need some quiet time. Gemini felines like to watch movies with big cats and enjoy time with mentally stimulating toys or even the challenge of catching a mouse (or two). During the Full Moon be on top of your cat’s actions because its fascinating mental attributes may go out the door as it morphs into a physical animal.

Well-Being: While this air sign is very chatty (yes, they can and do meow for attention), sometimes it takes an observant pet guardian to troubleshoot health issues. It’s a good month to do a hands-on check from head to paw to see if all is good. Also, a pre-fall vet check-up is a good thing if you haven’t gone for a while. Go ahead-put kitty in a crate and get that peace of mind.

Highlights: Extra attention during this month for your cat during the Full Moon on the 10th will prove beneficial for both of you. Some sort of change may affect your feline because of you indirectly. Keep in mind, Gemini handles new situations quite well. So, as your canine goes with the flow, it may be a cue to do the same. Whether you bring a new person or pet into the home, relocate, or go on a trip, don’t worry, your pet has it covered and will stay balanced if you give it attention.

Cat-loving celebrity: “A cat’s meow and a cow’s moo, I can rewrite ’em all, just tell me where it hurts you, honey.” Bob Dylan (singer), May 24

CANCER (June 22 – July 23)

‘Tis the month for The Crab cat-a water sign who’s intuitive, loyal and sometimes gloomy-to hang loose with.

Relationships: The fact is, August may be a shaky month for your sensitive feline. Water sign cats need to feel centered and loved. The planets may be a bit challenging so it’s time for you to be strong for you kitty. Cancer cats do not take loyalty or love lightly so you will not be forgotten. It’s your turn now to be a constant and you can bet that come fall your feline will repay you with affection.

Well-Being: It may be no surprise to you, but your cancer cat may be super clingy. That means when any stress occurs it can soak it up like a sponge and will be a Velcro cat or flee. Summer often is full of stressors, including heat waves, power outages, thunderstorms, and fireworks. It’s up to you, the fur child parent to be strong and grounded for your oh-so sensitive one. Be in tune to your Moon cat’s anxieties, especially during Labor Day Weekend.

Highlights: Note: This month may be a turning point for your cat. Think bonding. During chaos caused by events beyond your control your feline may turn to a canine or feline pal and bond. Better yet, your entire family may get closer as you experience challenges and the unconditional love will not go unappreciated or forgotten. Get ready to give and will receive Crab love in the upcoming months.

Pet-loving celebrity: “You don’t own a cat, he is a free citizen.” –Robert A. Heinlein (writer), July 7

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