Letters to Santa – Top Requests from the Cat

Few people are aware of this, but there is a facility next to Santa's workshop, a sort of building annex, dedicated to receiving and fulfilling the wishes of pets. Surprised? You may be startled to know that Santa has been delivering goodies to pets long before the advent of pet spas and the plethora of toys that line pet store shelves. The annex is quite large to accommodate the millions of wish lists sent to the North Pole each year by pets.

Dogs and cats may not be able to manipulate a pen, but they know how to get their wishes across – as any pet owner can appreciate! Of course, the foremost wish of dogs and cats is the gift of a good home and a loving family.

Once that's attained, of course, there are a few other goodies cats want. We've gotten hold of this normally secret wish list. Here are the top requests from your cat that you may be able to fulfill yourself:

Kitty – Kup Bed Cupped or rounded beds are a real favorite of cats. These bed can be made of various materials but those made of inner sheepskin within a foam mold are favorites. Cats love to curl up in it and take a nice nap. Pick models in which the liner is washable.

Cosmic Catnip Cardboard Scratcher. Perhaps one of the top requests this year is for the cardboard scratcher. This stretcher lays flat and cats love the natural feel.

Daily Ear Scratches. Limited budget? No problem. Most cats will be very happy with daily stroking or ear rubs!

A Clean Bathroom. Most cats had the Littermaid litter box for a perpetually clean "bathroom" on their want list. This litter box plugs in and automatically "scoops" after you cat leaves the box providing a clean box. A new version is available that is Littermaid "organizer" which is not automatic but organizes your litter, scoop and spare bags. Available from most stores that sell pet supplies.

Cat Grass. Many cats enjoy their greens. If yours has a green paw, grow "cat grass" yourself by planting wheat, oats and rye, available at pet stores. Plant seeds according to the directions and wait for them to grow about 2 inches. Then place the container where your cat can find it and encourage him if he takes a nibble. You may even save your own houseplants from your cat's predation!

Fresh Catnip. Just the thing to perk up an otherwise dull day. In a toy or a la carte works just fine. When buying loose catnip, look for a product that has more leaves and blossoms and still has a lot of green color. Also, take a sniff. If you can't detect any herbal odor, then it may be old and have lost some of its savor. You can also grow you own! Catnip seeds can be "started" like any other herb, and many nurseries carry young catnip plants.

Treats. Most cats requested treats in all varieties, but those containing tuna or salmon were among their favorite. For many, a little canned food will work just fine.

A Life Without Dogs. This was a common request that Santa routinely does not fulfill. Still, the letters keep coming.

I hope these ideas give your cat something to purr about this Christmas.