Lucky Cat

Some cats despite their misbehavior and seeming attempts at getting themselves kicked out of their homes just find the right place and get lucky. Maybe it’s that they know when they are about to go too far and stop just before our limits. Or perhaps it is that they come into our home to teach us patience and kindness. I just read a story about one such cat that worked hard to lose his home, but states his case in a letter.

Lucky the cat writes about how Diana Navarro in New York City discovered him and despite the understanding that her roommates would never allow him to stay, brought him home. Lucky was found dirty and hungry having wandered by the subway for weeks, eating trash to make a living. Diana went to all the stores in the area and no one knew where the cat had come from and no one wanted him either. Diana couldn’t leave him so she took him home.

The other humans in the house were not too thrilled with this situation however, and demanded that Lucky find another home. Diana looked for a shelter to take him in, but no one was taking cats. There were simply too many strays. So Lucky lived in the hallway of the house and although it didn’t help his case any, he couldn’t help but to occupy himself by getting into trouble. He did so much damage that roommates demanded even louder that he had to go!

Still, Diana couldn’t find him a home and secretly hoped the crazy cat would get to stay. She had him spayed and he settled down a little. And at last the roommates relented and the spitfire cat found a home. Lucky notes in his letter that he is still a little crazy, but he can’t help it and besides, everyone now loves him no matter how naughty he is. I guess some cats are just…well, lucky!

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