Malcolm: An Unexpected Gift

We all know that pets can make a tremendous difference in our lives. There are people that we love that we are just certain would have a better outlook if they had a pet. If you know someone like this, you may want to work on them. Even if you are certain that a pet is what they need though, you should NEVER give someone a pet when they haven't asked for one. Many unwanted and homeless pets are the product of finding their way into a home that didn't want them in the first place.

On the rare occasion though, an unwanted pet does find a great place in home. I just read a really sweet story about a woman who ended up with a cat for a gift when she didn't want one, but fell in love just the same.

Bethany Smith in Providence, Rhode Island writes about a receiving a surprise Easter gift. About twelve years ago she found out that a friend had a new litter of kittens that needed homes. Bethany heard of this, but was emphatic that she did not need or want a kitten. Naturally, no one listened.

On Easter Sunday a friend showed up with an "Easter Present" for her children, a little black and white kitten. Bethany was more than a little miffed. This was just playing dirty and she was serious about not wanting a cat. Of course her children took one look at the wretched little thing and began to bawl at the prospect of it being sent back. The friend has also brought a litter pan, food and the promise to pay for having the cat neutered. So Bethany reluctantly allowed the cat to stay with the stipulation that her children were to take complete responsibility for the animal. Bethany would have nothing to do with the cat. At least, that was the plan.

Within a week Bethany would wake in the morning to find the little monster under her blankets, fast asleep against her side. She wondered, "Why me?" And then she wondered if the little cat had some idea which side its "bread was butter on" and it didn't stop there. When Bethany would fall asleep on the couch watching television, she would wake with difficulty breathing. The little beast would be sleeping curled up on her chest.

He also wasn't well-behaved. The cat would climb the Venetian blinds and leap form the table to the top of the refrigerator to gnaw on the loaf of bread that stayed there. Bethany asks, "What cat eats bread?" At least the bread used to be kept up there. All loaves of bread are safely stowed in the refrigerator.

All the same the cat was staying and after a long debate he was named Malcolm after the wonderful Malcolm X. He then grew into a gentleman…a twenty pound gentleman, but a gentleman all the same. He isn't fat though, just all muscle and charm.

Bethany writes, "I am quite happy to report that Malcolm is brilliant – answers to his name as if he were a dog but without the nasty behaviors of the aforementioned beast. He has grown into his name and is firmly entrenched within the family. In fact, he's such a wonderful beast that my ex-husband has tried to steal him on occasion… And apparently I talked about him so much at work that some of my coworkers thought he was a boyfriend. All I could think was Oh my God, when did I turn into the cat lady?"

Pets are not a good choice of gifts, especially gifts that were not requested. On this rare occasion though, what a wonderful gift he turned out to be!

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