Many Questions that Puzzle Every Cat

Many Questions that Puzzle Every Cat

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We wrote an article that we have on called Questions that Haunt Cats. It is a funny article written by one of our cat lover authors about things she things might “haunt cats”.

Many cat lovers emailed us their own list of things they believe haunt cats. These were very funny and we wanted to share them with you.

Questions that Puzzle Cats

  • Why do humans try to hide my carrier when its time to go to the vets, we know what they are doing duh!-,and where we are going. Submitted by Donna
  • Why do these people keep talking to me? They know I can’t answer them. Submitted by Ttravisk
  • What is it with the showers and baths? Why can’t they just lick themselves clean? Submitted by Ttravisk
  • Why do the humans do things only when they hear a noise? They wake to a noise, they eat to a noise, they say they like the boxes that make noise, or show pictures, or flash light. They open the door to a noise, they open the stove to a different noise, and they make a peculiar connection between large growly boxes and cleaning their many pieces of removable fur. Submitted by Jean Harry.
  • Come to that, why the removable fur? Can’t they just grow a half- decent pelt? Submitted by Jean Harry.
  • Why can’t human kittens meow? Submitted by Karen Thompson
  • For indoor cats: Why do people go in and out of the big screen TV (the outdoors), and why can’t I? Submitted by Janet Fillinger
  • For outdoor cats: Why are those cats imprisoned (indoors) and what do they do for fun in there? Submitted by Janet Fillinger
  • Why do humans insist on using my nice big porcelain water bowl for their unspeakable bad habits? Submitted by Edie Chiarappa
  • Why do people have no fur? Submitted by Karen Thompson
  • Why do people feel the need to change their fur every day (and sometimes more often than once a day)? Submitted by Karen Thompson
  • Why do they get to drink from a cup, and I have to drink from a bowl on the floor? Submitted by Karen Thompson
  • Why do they wash the good smells out of their clothes (especially underwear)? Submitted by Karen Thompson
  • Why do some cans contain cat food or tuna, and others contain green beans. – Submitted by Janet.
  • The sound the can opener makes is *always* the same, and I will hear it even if asleep two floors down and it’s a hand can opener!!! Submitted by Janet.
  • How come when I try to show how much I love being stroked and hugged they don’t like my butt in their face? Submitted by Sybrena
  • Why won’t my Mom let me have her tuna sandwich, she knows it’s my favorite! Submitted by Beth Ellis
  • Why is it, that when I hear cats meowing, such on the on petplace videos web site, I can’t see them out the window. (Ocicat) Submitted by Walter Krumholz, M.D.
  • When I come to the glass patio door, with a bird in my mouth, why can’t he hear me or see me, to let me in the house, so that I can eat in safety and comfort? (Ocicat speaking) Submitted by Walter Krumholz, M.D.
  • “What is the deal with closed doors / cupboards?”. Submitted by Michelle Long
  • “Why does my mommy even try to read / study / write anything? How many times must I lie on top of her books? Is she that dense? I rule, cats have ruled since the time of the Egyptian Pyramids!” Submitted by Michelle Long
  • “Why do humans sleep at night? This is the “bestest” time to be awake! Submitted by Michelle Long
  • There are all those moths outside for me to chase, catch and eat!!” Submitted by Michelle Long
  • How come you can have babies and I can’t? Submitted by Carol McDaniels
  • How come you don’t like the dead mouse I bring to your feet. Submitted by Carol McDaniels
  • How come other cats expand and get all huffy when they see me – I’m cool. Submitted by Carol McDaniels
  • Why can’t I sit on the counter – you do? Submitted by Carol McDaniels
  • Why do I have to scratch the woodwork before you’ll jump up to
    open the door? – Submitted by Vonie Marti
  • Why can’t I drink out of the toilet bowl – the water is so fresh
    and cold? – Submitted by Vonie Martin
  • Why do you keep putting my food in a dish because I then have to
    dump the dish to get it on the floor where I want it? – Submitted by Vonie Martin
  • Why does the d**n dog totally ignore me one minute ? then attack me the next? (My owner says the big dufus just wants to play…) – Submitted by Cheryl.
  • Why doesn’t she feed me when I meow and run over to where my food dish should be (and why does she call me “Miss Fatty”)??? Submitted by Bobbie Collins.
  • Why do people get upset when I sleep on their chest all night- Submitted by Donna G
  • Why do people get upset when I run around the house meowing in the wee hours of the morning- Submitted by Donna G.
  • How come my human doesn’t enjoy it when I knead my claws on her belly- Submitted by Donna G.
  • Why don’t my humans understand that it is my duty to pick on the dog? – Submitted by Donna G.
  • Why does the human put that brush in her mouth? It makes her spit up, but she does it twice a day without fail. Submitted by Jean Harry.
  • Do they truly not understand that this is my house? Submitted by Jean Harry.
  • And why did the Creator give them opposable thumbs, but not us? Submitted by Jean Harry.
  • Why do these people go out and spend so much money buying me things to scratch on when I’m totally satisfied with their couches, chairs, and carpets? Submitted by Felice Mendonca
  • Why do humans have to rub our tummies? Submitted by
    Cathy Matthews.
  • I have two cats, sister and brother, Yin and Yang…sometimes they drive me crazy…like now:
    • Why doesn’t she understand when she is typing on the computer it is fun to stand on her arms and balance myself
    • I meow all the time to get into the room I am not allowed in – why won’t she let me in? I am sure everything is more interesting there! (I have friends who are allergic and I keep the room “kitty free”
    • What do you mean it is Sat and you want to sleep late? Just feed me then you can go back to bed.
    • Why would you quit giving me a paw massage to answer the phone? Don’t you know I am more important?
    • I don’t care if that food was cheaper. It sucks and I am not going to eat it. When are you going to understand?

    Then there was the day I was standing in the middle of my kitchen with Yang looking up at me meowing and me yelling at him” I am the alpha animal in this house!” and as a “friend” pointed out-if I have to tell him, I am not!


    Alice Kieft

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