Meet Suzanne Somers & Her Cat Chrissie Snow

When Suzanne Somers starred from 1977 to 1981 as the ditzy, yet very lovable Chrissy Snow on "Three's Company," her TV show helped her leap to nationwide fame. Somers' popularity on the highly rated-sitcom was due to the fact that Chrissy wasn't an airhead; she just had a different route to logic. The show continues to run in syndication and it's reported that fans still approach Somers to hug her out of affection for Chrissy.

Not surprisingly, Somers, who grew up in San Bruno, Calif. and was born October 16, 1946, shares her affection with a cat that is ideal for any Libra pet lover. "My Chrissie Snow is a white Persian who is 18-years-old and over the years has gone from being a curmudgeon (translation: a feline with a streak of stubbornness) to being lovingly edgy," Somers says.

It's no secret that the gorgeous Libra woman has a keen sense of beauty. While the Persian is touted for its beauty and charm, too, it is also known to have a grumpy expression while boasting a sweet personality. As one of the most popular pedigreed cats in America, the Persian has an easygoing, and sometimes playful nature. For example, says Somers: "Her (Chrissie's) favorite nighttime activity is to wait until my husband is sound asleep and then slowly crawl up the bed until her butt is in my husband's face."

Somers and her husband Alan Hamel have enjoyed an enduring relationship for 33 years and currently live in Los Angeles. Together, they have two sons, a daughter, five grandchildren, and, of course, Chrissie Snow. And companionship and love–which Somers has plenty of–is important to Libras because they are born under the love planet Venus.
As an air sign, Somers is a typical intelligent and artistic Libra. She has authored eight books, two of which, Suzanne Somers' Get Skinny on Fabulous Food (Crown, 1999) and Suzanne Somers' Eat Great, Lose Weight (Crown, 1997) appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. What's more, Libran people (and pets) have a hard time saying no to treats – and have a tendency to become plump as they get older. But Somers has pounced on that Libran glitch. In fact, she is the author of the new book Somersize Desserts: 30 Fantastic Recipes for Sumptuous, Great-Tasting, Guilt-Free Treats (Crown Books, November 2001)

Meanwhile, the author, actor and entrepreneur (she is the owner of ThighMaster personal fitness products and Suzanne Somers Jewelry Collection on the Home Shopping Network) is fighting the battle against breast cancer. It was reported in People (4/30/01) that she feels more loving toward everyone and everything. "I talk to the cat differently now…Everything has slowed down. Cancer does that to you. That's the first of the blessings." And, it's clear, that her Chrissie Snow, a senior charmer, is another blessing, that she is thankful for, too.