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There are certain cats that can turn anyone into a cat lover. These cats seem to intentionally find their way into homes where cats don't reign supreme, but it is never very long before they do. I just read a story about a cat that was particularly special to a little girl and her mother, a cat that turned everyone into cat lovers.

LeeAnn Holbrock in Mohave Valley, Arizona writes about her Halloween kitty, Pumpkin. She was tiny calico kitty that used to crawl inside of a baseball cap and go to sleep. They had gotten her in the month of October which was why LeeAnn's daughter named her Pumpkin, in honor of Halloween.

She was a very unique cat and they adored her. She actually loved to ride in the car and would go with them everywhere. Then when she was three or four months old her curiosity got the better of her and she escaped from the car one night when the family was at the store. Everyone was distraught, but there was no sign of her. They put flyers all around the neighborhood by the store but didn't hear a thing and two months passed.

LeeAnn had given up on Pumpkin when the phone rang. A woman was on the line with a cat that might be Pumpkin. LeeAnn described her perfectly, but there was one defining characteristic that made it certain she had the right cat. LeeAnn explained how Pumpkin liked to ride in cars and the woman was delighted. She explained that every time her daughter went to leave, the cat raced out to get in the car with her. It was most definitely the right cat.

It was fifteen years ago that the wayward Pumpkin came back home. LeeAnn says that she is the most loving cat she has ever met. In fact she helped get her and her daughter through some tough times. When the cat joined the family LeeAnn was having a tough time in a relationship. Her daughter was only eight years-old and they had moved away from her best friend to another state. Pumpkin was a "walking diary" for the two of them as they shared their woes with the sweet cat.

LeeAnn says that although she liked dogs, Pumpkin has taught her to love cats. And if a dog is man's best friend, then without a doubt, Pumpkin is a woman's best friend!

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