Pandora Saved Me From Depression

The blues. Not the style of music or the color-I am talking about depression. We all have experience being depressed at some point in our lives. But, there are people who live with depression every single day of their lives. If you are on meds, and if you are still feeling blue, then ask your doctor about you getting a cat. Yes, a cat.

Like any enjoyable activity, petting, playing or just having a cat snuggle in your lap can elevate your levels of serotonin and dopamine; which are nerve transmitters that are known to have pleasurable and calming properties. Just read what Kerri Foster from Whyalla, South Australia had to say about depression and the powerful love of a kitty named Pandora.

"Before I found my Pandora I was very depressed from a life of abuse at home, I used to try to commit suicide all the time, I would cut myself and was deep in a dark void. My boyfriend thought that a cat might help me so we went to the local veterinary (they adopt cats and kittens from the local RSPCA) and I found my Pandora.

It was a rough start she had also been abused and was very skittish around people; that's when I found her love for chicken, from then on we have been so very close playing with each other and protecting each other.

Pandora is a very smart cat she loves to play fetch and brings the ball back to me and places it in my hand. She also sits on command and walks on a lead.

I have decided that Pandora will be a house cat as a car hit my last cat and I had to put her down, I never want to do that again.

We play chase around the house tagging each other then running away Pandora loves to play this then when she is all tired from playing she climbs up on my lap for a long cuddle.

She is a very spoilt cat and has a large basket of toys that she is always pulling them out of then leaving them for me to trip on.

She talks to me as well when I ask her a question she responds and has a special meow that says she wants to go out for a walk.

I love her so very much and I think that we have both saved each other's lives and show each other that there aren't just horrible people out in the world. Kerri Foster – Whyalla, South Australia"

Thank you Kerri for an amazing and deeply personal story about your life…and Pandora's life.

Did you know that people who live with a pet are much less likely to suffer from depression than someone who lives without a pet? And just think about this…when you come home from a hard day at the office; you open your door and you are quickly greeted by a gentle meow and a warm rub against your leg. Yes, that is love, unconditional, non-stressful love. Purrrfection.

Kitty lovers, I am quite sure you have a story tell, so please feel free to share it with us

Until next time…

Petplace Staff

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