Pippin: The Cat Who thought he was a Dog

Sometimes cats really surprise us. I know so many people who have had pre-conceived ideas about cats until one day a certain feline wins them over. There are a lot of stereotypes about cats like that they are antisocial and stand-offish. However, it seems that there are many cats out there that break out of the norm.

Mona Simmons of Fortuna, California writes about Pippin, an orange tabby cat with a great personality. He was the sort of cat that could win over most anyone who stubbornly disliked cats. Even Mona's husband was often heard to say, "Pippin, you are such a COOL cat," when the feline came into the office for a visit.

Mona says though that her favorite thing about the cat was how he would come when called. Mona thought that most cats that were allowed to go outside would likely come and go as they pleased whether they were called or not. Pippin was different though.

One day Pippin needed to go to the vet to get his annual shots and was no where to be found. Mona didn't think it would work, but she brought her 8 year-old daughter outside, his favorite person, and both called for him. Mona could hardly believe her eyes when she spotted the tiny orange cat way up on the hill that seemed to be moving toward them. Sure enough though, the dot got bigger and bigger until they could clearly see Pippin not just strolling, but running for them. Mona says it as like a Mighty Dog commercial!

They lavished him with praise and strokes for coming when called, but were sure that taking him to the vet would negate that. Mona was sure he would never come when called again after that nasty trick. She was wrong though. Whenever he was called he would soon appear from wherever he had been playing, arriving to rub against legs and show affection.

Mona says that because of Pippin her house will always have a cat to love and entertain the family. She knows how cool a cat can be and how much they can bring to any home!

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