Plenty of Love for an Unloved Kitty

Some of the hardest cats to place into a good home are those who are elderly or have medical issues. It takes a particular type of home to care for cats such as these. Medical treatment can be time consuming and expensive. Not mention that leaving town when you have a pet that needs around the clock care can be very difficult. However, there are some homes out there that have enough love and determination to help a cat with special needs. I just read the most heartwarming story about a domestic longhaired cat named Gabi who found just such a home.

Carolynn in Connecticut saw an ad for Gabi in the newspaper that was titled, “The cat that no one wants.” She had been rescued as a stray but it was quickly discovered that she had diabetes and that she was deaf. No one wanted a cat that needed two injections a day and Gabi was having a difficult time finding a home. Carolynn, who had her own cat with diabetes couldn’t stand the idea of this poor kitty unable to find a home. Carolynn contacted Gabi’s foster mom and was soon bringing the pretty black and white domestic longhaired cat home.

Gabi was taught some sign language so Carolynn could let her know when dinner time was and so she could answer to her name. It was soon discovered that Gaby didn’t have diabetes at all, but the early signs of chronic renal failure and she wasn’t as young as everyone thought she was. Gabi was 15 years old.

Despite the fact that Gabi needs a lot of extra love and attention, Carolynn adores her. She gives her medication to help her with aching limbs and other medical conditions, helps her get to higher places that are difficult for her weakening rear limbs to manage and gives her plenty of love and attention. Carolynn is certain that Gabi tells her with her eyes how much love she has in her heart.

If you have room in your home for an adopted cat, be sure to consider an older cat or one with medical issues. These cats deserve the extra love and to spend their last few years in a home that appreciates the love they can give back.

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