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Domestic shorthaired cats may not be purebred, but there is no arguing that they have a ton of personality and that each are individuals. Anyone that is owned by more than one domestic shorthaired will tell you that each is its own sort of cat, not unlike our children, vying for our attention in its own way. I just read the cutest story of “sibling rivalry” and one very crafty kitty.

Sandra Andrews in Minnesota describes her two cats; Sebrenia and Thumbelina and how the two vie for her attention. Sebrenia is a black calico and Thumbelina a tiny brown-striped tabby, but “Thumby” definitely rules the roost.

One day Sebrenia was in the coveted spot of Sandra’s lap and Thumby devised a plan. She found a shopping bag on the floor and purring loudly, she rattled the bag and began to play, purring all the louder. Certainly she had something on the floor than any cat would want to investigate and Sebrenia took the bait. As soon as the calico gave up her warm spot to see what Thumby had that was soon much fun, the other cat abandoned her game and usurped Sandra’s lap, leaving Sebrenia out in the cold. There’s no arguing that the domestic shorthaired is a clever cat or how much fun it is to watch them interact.

The domestic shorthaired has been with us since early domestication and many scientists think they might be a descendant of the African wildcat. Although the domestic cat was originally prized as a mouser and a snake killer, they were eventually welcomed into our homes as treasured companions where they remain today. They were most likely brought over to America with the pilgrims and so have always had a place in the American home. This certainly isn’t a surprise to anyone who has one or two or more in their homes. The domestic shorthaired is as varied in coat as it is in personality and they all bring something different and wonderful to our homes.

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