Pumpkin Pie Anyone?

We often hear about the antics of troublemaking dogs. They are always eating the chicken that was put out to thaw, stealing cheerios from the baby and nosing into mischief. You don’t often hear about the tomfoolery of the feline, but perhaps this isn’t because they are perfect and prim. Chances are that cats are just smart enough not to get caught. I just read a funny story about a cat that got his just desserts and no one was the wiser.

L.M. Isherwood in Napanee, Ontario in Canada tells the story of her cat and a very interesting Canadian Thanksgiving. Her cat Molson is an enormous neutered male cat that is polydactyl, meaning he has six perfect toes on each foot instead of the normal five. Molson runs the place with these special, but gentle paws. There is no doubt that he is in charge of the two spayed female cats as well as the human in question.

Ms. Isherwood and her three cats had the pleasure (and the stress) once of entertaining her boyfriend and family for Thanksgiving. Fortunately the turkey dinner went off splendidly, everything delicious and all of the guests pleased with their meal. So relaxing with coffee and tea in the living room, it seemed a good time to introduce the guests to the feline inhabitants. She released the cats from the bedroom and everyone seemed to be getting along well. However, it wasn’t long before Ms. Isherwood noticed that Molson was conspicuously missing.

Searching through her apartment it wasn’t long before she found the six-toed scamp. He had found his way to the kitchen and was on the counter contentedly lapping the whipped cream from the pumpkin pie.

There was nothing to do but shoo the cat away and try to fix up the slightly used pie. Ms. Isherwood, spatula in hand, smoothed the tongue marks out of the whipped cream. Satisfied with her work, she then served it to her guests who were none the wiser and ten years later are still none the wiser. I guess Molson got to have his pie and eat it too.

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