Do Cats Have a 6th Sense? Read Lancey’s Story

I just got this email and I’d like to share it with you.

Do you think cats can have a 6th sense? Share your story.

Bear with me as it starts off sad though:

Harri wrote…

“I have a 12 yr old cat, who has numerous health conditions (Diabetes, Asthma, allergies, prone to seizures, has frequent ear infections and borderline Pancreatitis). His name is Wonalancet or Lancey for short.

Lancey is the love of my life (besides my Fiancée and son) I have had him since he was less than a week old, his feline mom was killed by a car… (Yes, I also took in his 4 siblings 🙂

Over the last couple of weeks, Lancey has had another bout with his ears, which of course sends his blood sugar off (sky high)!

This time has been a huge struggle to not only regulate his BG, but locating a med/alternate therapy that will treat his ears that he isn’t allergic too.

My fiancé also has Diabetes. The other night, my fiancé’s BG dipped VERY low- to be exact, it was 48.

You see, it was approximately 3am and Lancey was having a rough night. My fiancé was sleeping- or at least I thought…

All of a sudden, Lancey would NOT leave me alone! He was up knocking things over, crying, scratching me, jumping ALL over the bed. He kept going back and forth between my fiancé and myself. All of this is unusual behavior for Lancey! No matter what I said, Lancey would just NOT settle down….

Now me, being just a mere human, finally come to my senses and try to disturb my fiancé.

He was cold and clammy, had an altered consciousness, his words were a bit slurred as well. I immediately take HIS BG, to find him crashing at 48!! I gave him his emergency sugar shot.

While ALL this was going on, Lancey had sat down, on my side of the bed and watched the WHOLE thing!

When my fiancé’s BG raised to a comfortable level of 101, Lancey went to him, gave him a kiss, settled down and slept beside him for the entire night! Every time my fiancé moved or took a deep breath, Lancey would open his eyes, get up, sniff him and then settle down again right beside him.

You always hear about doggies having a 6th sense, but few and far between kitties.

My fiancé is doing MUCH better! Don’t exactly know what caused his “crash” but we continue to monitor him.

Lancey, is also doing better, but this battle with his ears is a difficult one to get through! However, we have a GREAT Vet who is always there for us!!

I WHOLELY contribute my fiancé’s recovering to Lancey and will NEVER doubt my little guy’s 6th sense again!!

Despite how ill Lancey was feeling that night, he saved my fiancé’s life with his utmost persistence!

He’s my hero!!”