Great Book Gift Ideas for the Cat Lover – Volume II

It is very difficult to know what to buy for people these days as most people really seem to have the “things” they need. Books can make a great gift for the pet owner and pet lover. Books are timeless gifts that can add warmth and inspiration to the holidays! Here are some samples of great books for the cat lover:

**The Cat’s Meow, **by Bill Zimmerman. Willow Creek Press, $14.95.

This little book is full of “Feline Answers to Life’s BIG Questions”. This book is a combination of whit, humor and warmth while philosophizing on day to day life. Rich with photos and illustrations, it is a great stocking stuffer for all ages. There is a also a canine version called The Dog’s Bark, by the same author for your dog loving friends.

202 Pets’ Peeves, by Cal Orey. Citadel Press, $12.95.

Have you ever wondered what you do that annoys your pet? Noted as “the book your pet wants you to read”, this book speaks out on pesky human behavior. This humorous book is written from the pet’s point of view pointing out things both dogs and cats find annoying about human behavior and human decision making. This book is humorous and fun to read to the pet owner who wants to find out what their pet does and doesn’t like and more importantly… to do better.

**Women & Cats; the History of a Love Affair, **compiled by Michelle Lovric. Independent Publishers Group, $11.95

Sly and Seductive: Cat or Woman? Mark Twain proclaims, “they are the cleanest, cunningest, and most intelligent things I know, outside the girl you love, of course. This book is a collection of elegant quotes, letters, poems, stories and essay excerpts from profound writers, poets and philosophers. Witty words and delicate illustrations and old tinted photographs explore and celebrate the relationship between women and cats.

**Animals and the Afterlife, **by Kim Sheridan. Enlighthouse Publishing, $19.95

“True stories of our best friends Journey beyond death.” This thought provoking book asks and answers questions such as…Do Animals have souls? What happens when they die? A great book for the pet lover that has loved and lost. For more information, visit

Purr-fect Dishes, by Teri Goodman. Fly Productions, $14.95.

A purr-fect gift for the cat lover who….likes to cook and bake. This is a delightful book full of “whisker-licking and nutritious recipes” for your favorite feline. Recipes range from a classic “liver Pate” and includes “Roast Duck Breast with Lo Mein Noodles”, “Shortbread Cookies”, and “Steak & Kidney Pie”. Full of wonder illustrations by Pablo Haz, this book is a treat for the feline chef.

The Healing Power of Pets, by Dr. Marty Becker. Hyperion, $22.95.

This is an inspirational book full of powerful stories about pets and people, the human-animal bond and the power of pets to help and heal the human spirit. Rich with example of what the loyal companionship of pets can do for each of us.

Cat Stories, by James Harriot. St. Martins Press, $16.95.

This classic book, first published in 1994 is full of heart warming stories about a classic beloved veterinarian and storyteller and his feline acquaintances. His stories of cats are wise and human, a lovely gift for a true cat lover.

Why Cats Do That, by Karen Anderson. Willow Creek Press, $13.95.

Learn more about why cats do the things they do. For example, why do they bring us their latest catch and why do they purr? This book is a “collection of curious kitty quirks” with adorable pen and ink illustrations by Wendy Christensen.

For more ideas, see last years recommendations in Great Book Gift Ideas for the Cat Lover – Volume I.