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Saturday is Caturday: It’s National Cat Day 2016!

Saturday, October 29th, 2016 is National Cat Day! It’s the perfect day to spend spoiling and pampering your favorite feline friends, while honoring all the cool cats who have left indelible marks throughout history.

Thinking about rescuing or adopting a cat? National Cat Day is a great time to do it! Already have enough furry felines in your home? There are plenty of other ways to celebrate — read on to learn more about National Cat Day and what you can do to honor and exult all those fabulous felines.

National Cat Day Beginnings

National Cat day was started by cat lovers for cat lovers. The brains behind the creation of the holiday, Colleen Paige, helped establish the day in 2005. For 11 years, National Cat Day has brought attention to the importance of adopting and rescuing cats in need. Paige is a cat expert, and she has also helped found several other holidays whose focus is bringing awareness to dogs, puppies, horses, and wildlife in need.

The focus of Colleen’s campaign centers around using social media as a platform to spread the event like wildfire. While the group provides information and tips about adopting all year long, the holiday alone has a significant impact on many cats in need finding forever homes.

Social Meow-dia

National Cat Day’s large presence on social media reaches cat owners across the nation and invites them to join in. From your cat next door to to internet celebrities like Grumpy Cat, National Cat Day is always a trending topic in October.

Speaking of trending, Lil Bub achieved internet fame through her quirky personality and lovable face. A rescue herself, Lil Bub advocates for the importance of rescuing and adopting cats. Lil Bub was the runt of her litter, and is also a perma-kitten, meaning she will remain with kitten features forever. The adorable cat has many health issues, but refuses to let any of them get in her way. Last year, Lil Bub celebrated National Cat Day on social media. Check out her Twitter to see what she does this year!

With the help of famous cats, National Cat Day has grown to be a respected day in our country to celebrate the importance of making the choice to adopt before you shop.

How to Adopt

Want to support cats on National Cat Day? Consider adopting a new feline friend from your local shelter.

You can even rescue a stray for National Cat Day. Like the story of Lil Bub, stray cats can be rescued as kittens or adults, the trick is to create a trusting relationship before you move the cat into your home. If the cat was a pet in the past, the transition will be much simpler to carry out.

Whether you’re picking out a friend from the shelter to adopt or choosing to rescue the cat that always comes to your back door, you’re making a difference. It’s important not to forget about cats who are in need of adoption, because every feline deserves a warm, loving home.

Adopting a cat is a rewarding experience for everyone. While National Cat Day is a great day to go out and support your local shelter, make sure you’re ready for the responsibility before you pick out the purr-fect pal. Don’t feel inclined to adopt a new cat just because of National Cat Day — you could make a difference with a donation to your local shelter to help them continue to provide safety for cats in need.

How to Celebrate National Cat Day

If you already have a cat in your life, celebrate the day with her! Pick up some cool, new toys, play games, or exercise together. Or just stay inside, snuggle up and get comfy with your cat. Not matter what you do, give your cat the ideal schedule that she really wants.