Shabuta’s Unexpected Gifts

A little bit of love goes a long way with a feline friend, even if it’s one that hasn’t had good luck with humans in the past. Cats seem to give as much as they receive if they are given plenty of love. Sometime they even give a little more than expected. I just read a great story about a cat that brought more than expected to her new home.

When Toni Spille in Wilmington, Delaware agreed to take a homeless cat from a friend in the country she thought she would at last be filling an empty space in her home. Her own cat had died of old age a year and a half before and she thought that perhaps it was time to open her home again to a feline friend.

The poor cat looked as though she hadn’t had a square meal in some time. Although she was too timid to approach anyone, she was pleased to have a square meal offered to her. When it was apparent that she didn’t belong to anyone and needed a home, the small cat was caught up and taken on a two hour drive to arrive at Toni’s house.

The cat arrived skinny and distrustful, but Toni was willing to do the work she needed to gain her new friend’s trust. She named her Shabuta after a small town near where she had grown up and watched as the kitty filled-out and showed signs of improved health. However, her weight gain wasn’t entirely due to her new cushy lifestyle. Three weeks later the tiny Shabuta surprised Toni with the birth of three kittens.

Toni wasn’t prepared for a family of four, but made adjustments quickly, thrilled to have an instant family. The best gifts are always surprises!

If you have a great story about your cat crazy home and how you met your feline friends, be sure to share it with us!

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Petplace Staff