Should I Visit a Friend with Annoying Cat Hair? Cat Lovers Speak Out

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We posed a question to our wonderful cat lovers.


When I go to my friends house (she has 7 cats) – I leave with cat hair all over me – what should I do?

  • Visit and deal with the hair – 71.2%
  • Say something about the hair – 11.9%
  • Buy her supplies to pick/up the hair – 11.6%
  • Offer to help her clean her home – 4.9%
  • Stop visiting her – 8.3%

    Most cat owner said you should Visit and deal with the hair.

    We further asked for comments on why the responders felt one way or another. This is what they told us:

    1.        Invite her to visit you instead.
    2.        Bring a hair roller and keep it in your car to de-hair and or one of those mitts at her house, too.
    3.        Multiple cat homes usually have a hair removal roller or something. Ask if you can use it as you are leaving. OR just get one yourself and keep it in your car. Your relationship with your friend should be able to withstand a bit of hair!
    4.        NO outfit is complete Without a few pet hairs!
    5.        buy yourself some hair removers
    6.        Take a brush with you to remove the cat hair where you sit.
    7.        Carry the little brush with you/ wallmart offers them for couple dollars
    8.        Its up to YOU-if it bothers you SOOOO much do something about it-if its not that big a deal then say nothing and deal with it
    9.        keep a lint brush in the car and use it in private after the visit
    10.        Carry a lint brush or a roll of duct tape and when you leave, remove the hair, or ask your friend to meet somewhere, or to come to your place.
    11.        Ask her to give you a lint brush before you leave and help brush you off – bring your own if necessary.
    12.        It’s her choice to have 7 cats; your choice to be her friend; you can’t dictate how she handles her cats; buy a lint roller to use after you leave her house to pick up the hair on your clothing; also, don’t wear your best clothes to her house
    13.        This was hard to answer for me. I have 12 cats but have a hair free house. Well almost hairfree lol. I clean a lot and have a very good vacumn.
    14.        buy lint brushes for yourself and use them after you leave. With that many cats it is impossible to not have some hair in the house even if you clean 3 times a day.
    15.        Visit with your friend elsewhere, like your place.
    16.        Take something to clean yourself up after the visit.
    17.        Nicely tell your friend that you have a problem with the cat hair and ask her to put a towel or blanket on the chair you are sitting on, if she’s really your friend she won’t be offended
    18.        Bring a hair brush to use when leaving
    19.        buy yourself a roller to remove cat hair from your clothes and make subtle comments and suggestions
    20.        or rather get yourself some coveralls specifically for going there or a lint brush, etc.
    21.        wear something that it doesn’t matter if it gets hairy
    22.        wear clothes that don’t hold hair, and carry a sticky roll for hair for when you leave.
    23.        Meet the friend at Starbucks!
    24.        or visit with her outside the home. have her to your house!
    25.        take a lint roller along
    26.        love me-love my cat
    27.        if she’s a good friend – buy a lint roller to keep in your car and use after your visit. If she’s a really really good friend then ask if you can help tidying up
    28.        Buy a tape roller and get over it.
    29.        Carry a roll of sticky tape with you to deal with the hair.
    30.        Keep a lint brush with you and use it when you leave.
    31.        Deal with it or stop going… Buy a lint roller, keep in your car, use it when you leave, or use it before you exit the door and maybe they will get the hint.
    32.        wear clothes that you don’t care if they get hairy
    33.        That’s why it’s called “FURniture.”
    34.        close friend, deal with the hair
    35.        meet at a restraunt
    36.        Take a lint roller with you
    37.        Meet her somewhere else–and don’t ride in her car.
    38.        Buy a clothes brush and consider yourself blessed
    39.        Depends on how close of a friend. Bring a lint roller when you visit. Trust me, it is a PITA to keep the hair out of my house and off guests. I try to make sure that I ask people to give me notice so I can vaccum my furniture if they are over for a long visit. Or give her slipcovers & a furminator catbrush for christmas, that way she can always take them off and wash the hair away!
    40.        its her house. if you dont like the hair then invite her to your house, otherwise deal with it or get a new friend
    41.        wear clothes that hair doesn’t stick to as easily
    42.        mention the hair and ask her if she would like some suggestions on how to keep it under control. ex..refer her to this website.
    43.        Wear old clothes and use a lint roller.
    44.        If it bothers you that much, invite her out for lunch, shopping, etc. Don’t go to her house so much.
    45.        I have 8 cats of my own. This is what I do for my friend out of respect for her not liking cats. Ask them to put the cats away, in a closed room, while you are there. Then make sure you sit in a non-cloth chair, cause it will not have the collected hair of a cloth one, on which one of the cats may have slept. Hope that works.
    46.        wear old clothes
    47.        Have her to your house.
    48.        With humor, ask her for a cat free chair to sit in or wear old clothes.
    49.        as a fello cat owner and I hae 2 doesnt bother me am used to it
    50.        If she loves her cats, you have to decide if your love for her is strong enough to tolerate it. Wear clothes that you don’t care about when you go to visit her.
    51.        I offer a lint brush to my guests when they leave or advise them where there isn’t any cat hair
    52.        wear soemthing you don’t mind getting hair on
    53.        she wont know that vistors are getting cat hair and it may help her realize why some people don’t visit anymore
    54.        bring along a towel to sit on, don’t lean back on upholstered furnutre
    55.        and have a lint roller, tape or pet hair sponge in the car to take care of the hair.
    56.        The house belong to her and her cats and you are the guest. If you don’t like fur, stop visiting. Or meet her outside.
    57.        wear something very casual and easy to wash.
    58.        if she is a good friend, mention it to her and see if she gets the point before having to say something blunt to her. I have 3 cats, and am always sweeping and vacumming (including furniture so that this doesn’t happen to my friends/family or my own immediate family. It is a quite annoying.
    59.        Wear jeans and enjoy your visit.
    60.        find another place to visit each other



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