Should indoor cats be given live mice or entertainment?

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  • Hope he doesn't decide to get a dog…to kill the cat!
  • It is cruel to the mouse. I've seen it happen outside and it is very upsetting to see. Why would I want that in my house? It is just CRUEL, not to mention the mess and dirt and germs introduced by a mouse running around. HORRORS!
  • I understand in nature cats may chase, play and eat mice. But it is extremely unethical to bring a mouse into the house for the cats entertainment. Other animals eat and chase cats in nature but we should not bring a cat to a pit bull for entertainment. It's just wrong.
  • I think the whole idea of doing such a thing is sickening and disgusting
  • That person is sick.
  • No I don't think it's o.k. to get a live mouse for a cat to kill. Cats that hunt for their prey are exercising an age old instinct to track , hunt, kill and eat their prey or give them to you as a gift. Handing over a captive mouse to a cat to play with and eat is just satisfying some sicko's perverted fascination with watching a defenseless creature be tortured to d
  • Why kill an animal for self entertainment. The cat has an endless supply of food, therefore the mouse would probably just be a toy and suffer. Y do cats HUNT mice???? 2 eat 4 food. Food 4 thought: He is an idiot.
  • I'm wondering if some people should have pets
  • The mouse could get into a small place and die; seems to me, it would be inviting other pests and/or disease.
  • Bill is crazy. It's awful to do such a think to a mouse!!! How would he feel if someone bought a cat to feed to their pet Racoon!
  • Knowing my cat as I do, I watched her actually hunt live mice in my home. I have never seen her so excited or "happy" with a purchased toy. The only thing that holds me back from actually buying her mice to play with are these two things: I have children with softer sensibilities and, what if the little bugger escapes? Are traps any kinder? And finally, don't some feed live mice to snakes? Isn't that possible torture, knowing they will possibly run around that tank in terror, hopping hopelessly towards unattainable freedom, as the snake slowly slithers their way, in hopes of a warm meal?
  • Perhaps this owner should allow his cat outside if he wants the "real" cat & mouse game
  • It is a cat's nature to chase things especially mice. If he catches one in the house it is okay but I don't we should purchase mice just for them to play with. That is harsh and cruel to the mouse and doesn't really help the cat hone his expertise in catching, playing and killing mice.
  • I have three indoor only cats and I DO NOT go out and get them live mice to play with. However, if one comes into the house, then they are on "Mouse Patrol" until that mouse is caught, played with to death and eradicated from the premises. This is natural, but going out and getting a live mouse for them to play with, I don't think so.
  • If you have a cat as a pet then they shouldn't be given live prey to play with. If an abandoned or stray cat catches and eats a mouse in the wild they do that to survive. Feeding a domesticated cat live mice or even allowing them to "play" with a live mouse is just cruel for the mouse. As pet owners, it should be our responsibility to provide food and toys to our pets and live prey isn't the proper way to do so.
  • I think the cat owner is cruel and sick to watch it!
  • This sounds cruel to me, and if children are involved watching this, it might make them treat animals poorly later in life. In "nature", this is the way an animal would find food to eat — with an indoor cat that is well fed, the only word I can use for this would be cruel. I would question the owners' desire to watch this and also call it "entertainment".
  • I don't think it is sanitary.
  • I was saddened to read that Bill would even question this. Maybe we should ask Bill if he would like to see his cat be chased and eaten (if it so chooses) by a dog.

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