Siamese and Toddler Prove Folklore Wrong

There is a lot of common wisdom out there about living with animals. Just because it's common though, doesn't mean it's right. Folklore and "old wives tales" persist because they are repeated, not because they are true. Sometimes you have find out for yourself what is real and what's a myth.

Emily Weaver writes to tell us that the myths about cats and babies aren't true. In fact, in the right situation cats and babies can be the perfect combination. Emily writes that when she and her husband told family and friends that they were getting a Siamese cat they quickly received a lot of unwanted and unsolicited advice. They were told, "Siamese are mean" and that "cats and babies don't mix. What if the cat jumps in the baby's crib and suffocates her?"

Emily and her husband weren't inclined to listen. After all, they already shared their home with a gentle Weimaraner named duke. Although he was seventy pounds of pure muscle, he never once knocked over the baby or showed her anything but respect and love. So they found the kitten they wanted and traveled three hours to go pick her up. The baby was left with her grandparents to avoid any stress that might arise between a terrified kitten and a cranky toddler.

They named the kitten Luna and for the first few days she his in the corner of the bathroom, crying for her mama and sneaking out for a bite of food when she was too hungry to stay hidden. On the fourth morning though, she decided to embrace her new home. Wandering boldly into the family room, she jumped into Emily husband's lap and officially declared the house her own.

As weeks passed Luna became more and more attached to Grace, the family's 18 month old daughter. Luna followed the baby like a graceful shadow, never missing an opportunity to snuggle into the toddlers lap when she was still. Gracie too was well-behaved, treating her kitten gently and somehow resisting the urge to pull her tail.

The bond between the two youngsters continued to grow. Luna became accustomed to daily rides in Gracie's doll stroller. She would hop in the stroller's basket each morning and cry out to her young mistress to give her a push around the house. Emily says, "The two can be found each afternoon playing teddy bears, and dollies, blocks and books. Wherever Gracie goes, Luna follows. At naptime, when Gracie is sleeping, the kitten sleeps patiently just outside her door, waiting for the first sounds of the baby stirring, after which she alerts the entire household with loud yowls that the baby is awake."

The devotion is remarkable and Emily finds it very satisfying to watch the reactions of those nay-sayers watching the cat and toddler enjoy each other's company. So much for the myth of the nasty-tempered Siamese! Gracie and Luna are sure to be thick as thieves for many years to come.

Petplace Staff

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