Siamese Wins 2005 Cat Show

One-year-old Cobbie, a Blue-Point Siamese, from the Marmese cattery, won the hearts of the judges and thousands of New Yorkers at the 3rd Annual CFA-Iams Cat Championship, sponsored by the Cat Fanciers' Association, the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats. More that 300 cats competed at the show, which was held on October 8-9 at New York's Madison Square Garden. (To learn more about the winner and the show, please visit

Winner Cobbie is a one -year-old Siamese from the Marmese cattery from Hayes, Virginia. Joining Cobbie on the victory stand was second place winner, Scottish Fold short hair Starrpawzs Lancelot! Of Blacpurl of Kansas City, Missouri. Third place was won by 6-month old Mericat Wirey Coyote of Kyetrak, an American wirehair cat who finished second.

The Show placed the spotlight on more than 300 show cats representing the 41 pedigreed breeds recognized by the CFA. Among the breeds that were represented at the Show are Japanese Bobtail, American Curl, Maine Coon, Egyptian Mau, Ragdoll, Cornish Rex, Sphynx, Siamese, and Persian. Brand new to the show was Feline Agility Competition (FAC), a challenge that is sweeping the nation. The tournament, likely to become a 2005-2006 spectator and participant favorite, was won by 6-month-old Japanese Bobtail kitten Wyndchymes Intrigue of Hajja who navigated a series of ten obstacles, including tunnels, stairs, poles and see-saw in 17 seconds.

Other highlights of the CFA-Iams Cat Championship were:

Adopt-a-Cat – Hundreds of homeless cats, as chosen by the Mayor's Alliance for Animals, found new homes at the show, going home to proud new owners and families. In the last three years, the CFA Show has found homes for more 500 cats, including at least 300 in 2004.

New York's Largest Feline Shopping Mall – Thousands of fun feline things for cats, and their doting owners, were bought by eager cat owners. Among the items purchased were cat condos, 14k jeweled cat collars, ID tags, interactive exercise toys, colorful litter boxes, art collectibles, grooming aids, cat carriers, cat trees, cat vitamins and feline supplements.

Breed Showcase – Joan Miller, one of the leading authorities, provided a guided tour of the breeds, sparkled by information on the beauty, personality, and nature of the majority of the breeds, each represented by a specially-chosen feline delegate.

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