Tedi Chooses a Home

Sometimes the greatest friends choose us. Animals seem to know who will have the most suitable home for them. You’ve probably heard stories about happy people whose favorite pets chose them. I just read one myself about a cat that named Tedi who spoke for her sister as well.

Jan Snelling in Clearwater, Florida tells the story of making the decision to adopt a cat from the local animal shelter. She was living in Wisconsin at the time and a local pet store had a satellite adoption center. Jan said she walked into a room full of adorable and worthy cats and had no idea which to pick.

Jan looked around and thought about which cat might be a good fit. There was an orange and white cat that looked like he might be an interesting friend, but he didn’t seem very interested in her. So she sat down in a rocking chair to think things over. There were 15 cats, but she thought she would only be taking one home. She had to choose.

All of the sudden a gray and white tabby made the decision for her. The little cat jumped up in her lap and asked, “meow?” The tiny little mew seemed to say, “pick me?” but it neglected to mention that the choice included a sister. A volunteer pointed out another longhaired gray cat that was obviously a sibling. The people who had surrendered the two cats had asked that they go together. Jan didn’t have to think long about it. She took them both, naming them Tedi and Sassy.

Jan says that there was no doubt that Tedi intentionally picked her. She is a one person cat and has only gone to her since. Jan hasn’t regretted the decision to take home double the trouble, though. The two cats are the best ever and have been with her for seven years. You just never know who is going to choose you and what wonderful things they will bring to your life!

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