The Story of Dolly and Lu

A reader submitted this story and we thought it was lovely and we wanted to share it with you.

You may also have similar stories of how wonderful pets can be and what they can mean to our lives and families. This story is about Lu and Dolly.Thank you for submitting it Mrs. Hernandez. (I have to admit – it brought tears to our eyes when we read it.)

Dr. Debra Primovic, – Managing Editor –

Dolly just showed UP

Fifteen years ago, Dolly was brought to us by her feral mom, Gabby. My husband Lu, and I placed Gabby's litters in good homes, but he somehow knew Dolly was a keeper.

A few years later, Lu became disabled at the age of 44 with heart disease. For the next 12 years, before his passing last year, Dolly was his nurse, confidant and friend, since I had to go to business to keep the household going.

When we departed for the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Sept. 2009, for the last four months of his Lu's life on this earth, both Lu and Dolly seemed to know it was their last encounter together.

There were no goodbyes, just an embrace that I will forever remember. There is not a day that passes that she does not sleep on his side of our bed each night. They will be forever friends, and I believe there will be a time when we will be united once again, and she will be able to plant kisses on his handsome face.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of my husband, Guillermo Luis Hernandez