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The Top 5 Apps for Cats

From memes to videos to actual apps for cats, our fine feline friends have taken the internet — and the modern world — by storm.

It’s not surprising that there are apps for adding cats to your pictures, playing with your own virtual cat, and building a cat collection. In the past few years, cats have dominated online culture and become pop culture icons. Now, with apps for cats, feline fanatics and their pets can take part in the online cat craze.

Of course you love spending time with your cat, but have you ever lazily petted your cat while fiddling with your smartphone? If you absolutely can’t put that device down, don’t miss out on quality bonding time with your cat — download these apps for cats and play games, listen to tunes, take photos, and even get to know your cat better.

Our Five Favorite Apps for Cats

1. Friskies JitterbugFree

Pass your device to your kitty and watch her go wild for this interactive game that lets your cat chase and attack bugs without the mess. We all love watching our cats roughhouse and play, and this app will help bring out your cat’s spunkiness. The goal is to catch as many bugs as possible, but you can also play in endless mode and choose how many bugs appear. If you’re finding it difficult to keep your cat entertained, try this fun game and go crazy squashing bugs!

2. Game for CatsFree

Leave the yarn ball behind and take your cat’s playtime to new heights with this entertaining app. Ever tried to see if your cat will chase a laser? It’s always entertaining to watch your cat relentlessly run and jump trying to catch that little red dot. Game for Cats allows your cat to continue that hunt, without all the work of you holding the laser. Your cat can play with the laser pointer for free, but with a $1.99 in-app purchase, you can upgrade and give your kitty a virtual mouse to chase. Boost your cat’s happiness with the endless fun this app provides and keep her out of things she shouldn’t be getting into.

3. Pet First AidFree

One of the ultimate apps for cats is this helpful resource. Be the most informed cat parent out there with this trusty app in your pocket. Find out if your cat should stay away from the bowl of grapes you have on the table, or if the limp you noticed earlier today means you should go see your veterinarian. With expert veterinary advice in the palm of your hand, you’ll be more in control of your cat’s health and how you tackle problems. This app can help you be calm and prepared in any emergency, keep track of your cat’s health, and learn how to do first aid on the fly. The app also has tips for managing your cat’s daily life and ideas for helping her socialize better.

4. Relax My Cat — Music for Cats$1.99

At your wits end with your cat’s behavior? This app could help. Help boost your cat’s mood or take the energy down a notch with tunes that are directly targeted to her. With music designed and created around the way cats communicate, you can select from a variety of songs that will stimulate certain moods and feelings for your cat. Even though it might not sound like it, the music is all recorded by human voices and traditional instruments. The app even has music to help your cat with separation anxiety. Whether you’re looking to calm them down or wake them up, this app can help your cats get in the right mood.

5. Cat Snaps — Selfies for CatsFree

Putting your cat’s cute face all over social media is almost standard today. If you’re struggling to get good photos of your cat, why not have her take them herself? This app provides a fun catching game for your cat, and whenever she touches the screen, the app grabs a picture of her. Imagine having photos of your cat just being her quirky self — and she does all the work! Just offer your cat the colored lasers and toys in the app to capture and you’ll have a collection of fun pictures to share with your friends in no time.