The Understudy Steals the Show

Sometimes when we lose a beloved animal the last thing we want to do is get a replacement friend. It seems as if it will sully the memory of the pet that has left us. It feels like a betrayal. Not getting another pet is not necessarily the best answer, however. There are so many cats that need homes and would love to share yours. Perhaps, you shouldn't look at bringing another cat into your home as a betrayal to your lost friend, but consider doing it in honor of your friend. I just read a wonderful story by a man who did just that and is so glad he did.

Michael Plant in Fishbourne, England writes about losing his wonderful friend James. A beautiful brown Burmese, Michael found James at a rescue. The poor cat had lost his elderly owner and was beside himself over being in a cat. In fact, in his loud Burmese voice, he was telling the whole world about it. Michael and his wife fell in love with him immediately and didn't hesitate to rescue him.

They had a wonderful six years together. James was affectionate and fun. And even though Michael, in his sixties, had a reputation for being a hard-nosed businessman, James melted his heart. Michael was devastated when he lost his friend. He fell into a serious depression, his work and life suffering. He didn't think though, that the right thing to do would be to replace his cat.

Fortunately, Michael's daughter wholeheartedly disagreed and began searching for cat rescues that specialized in Burmese. She found a place two counties away and arranged for her parents to visit. Michael was worried, feeling that a new cat would be the understudy to a star that would never be bested.

However, when at the rescue he met a beautiful Burmese named Coco that looked just like James, he took the beautiful cat home. Not only was Coco a spitting image of the beloved James, but he had many of the same mannerisms. No one was surprised to discover upon checking the pedigree that James had the same grandsire. The too cats were closely related and indeed, the understudy matched the star. Michael notes, "So from my experience, I would suggest that if you lose a much-loved pet, do not be afraid to replace him with a copy. And so it as quickly as you can find one. You will both benefit from it."

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