Things You Can Do BECAUSE You Have a Cat

How many times have you heard or thought about stuff you can't do because you have a cat? Spontaneous weekend trips and big parties aren't as easy when you have a furry friend at home waiting for you (not to mention the costs of taking care of animals). It's just part of being a pet lover.

However, it also has its benefits-there are some things you get to do because you have a cat.

Here are some on our list:

1. Make new friends so you can talk about how much you love your cats.
2. You'll always have a warm body to snuggle up against.
3. Go shopping for new furniture or clothes when the old ones have too much fur on them
4. Hang out with a friend while you watch TV, read, and eat
5. Always have an excuse to watch TV as you want to spend time with your kitty! (they love it when you sit still)
6. Talk to yourself without feeling silly
7. Always have a handy excuse to leave somewhere early to "check on the cat."
8. Share your good and bad days with your feline companion.
9. Get your cat's input on new people (if you cat doesn't like them, you might not either).
10. Spend a lazy afternoon catnapping together
11. Come home to a happy face every night-your cat's!

Do you have things you can do BECAUSE you have a Cat? Tell Us.