Tonkinese Has a Lot of Heart and Soul

Cat lovers know that it’s not just a dog’s job to soothe the human soul. Cats are also in tune with their human caretakers, understanding when they are grieving and when they need a little extra kitty affection. I just read a very sweet story about a Tonkinese that eased a family’s grief.

Patty Magyar writes about her Tonkinese Lucy and how the tiny cat has helped the family grieve for her feline sister, Libby. Patty’s husband was especially hard hit by the loss of Libby who had chosen him as her “special” human. Libby was always in his lap while Lucy looked after Patty.

Lucy still loves Patty, but since the loss of Libby has worked extra hard to give Patty’s husband love and attention. Patty’s husband had a Monday Night Football routine that always involved Libby sleeping on his chest while Lucy and Patty went upstairs to do their own thing. Lucy seemed to know this lost tradition was going to be hard on him and promptly took her sister’s place as his Monday night companion. Patty is certain that this is an indication of the intuitive cat’s great heart and soul.

The Tonkinese is a cat that is known for its playful people-oriented temperament and recently it has gained popularity. I’m sure Patty and her husband wouldn’t be surprised. Originally a cross between a Burmese and a Siamese, the breed is a nice balance between the stocky and svelte breeds. They have a milder voice than the Siamese, but can be chatty just the same. They also have the playful devotion of the Burmese. They form close bonds with their human friends and are likely to be “attached at the hip” to their favorite human. They are a wonderful breed for those that gave spend a lot of time at home and aren’t opposed to providing a lap to nap in.

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