Top 10 Cat Videos of 2008

We put together our top videos of this year that we want to share with you. We hope you enjoy!

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Here are the top 10 cat videos of 2008!

10. Two cats talking.

This was one of our favorites videos this year. These cats are hilarious.

9. Let me in Cat.

Cat that gets…what he wants. Sort of. Very funny.

8. Kittens in a Box.

Who can resist kittens? They can make a gave out of anything.

7. Toilet Trained cat.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

6. A Lion…Hug?

It almost looks like an attack.

5. You Sexy Thing.

Mouse Singing to Cheese. My cat voted for this to be in the top 10!

4. Cat Riding a Roomba.

This is too funny! Some cats hate vacuums and others…while like to ride them.

3. Treadmill Walking Cat.

Check out this funny cat!

2. Wake me Up Cat.

If you have a cat you will “get” this one!

1. A Cat…and it’s Natural Ennemy.

This video is just too sweet for words!

Here is another favorite video. It did not make the Top 10 List but we thought it was great.

Herding Cats Commercial Video.

This is great!