Top Cat Videos of 2011

2011 was quite the year, wasn’t it? The world saw major shifts in government, the rise of new stars and the passing of some old ones, and all kinds of changes around the globe. Because we’re all about pets at Pet Place, we also paid attention to the goings-on in the animal world. Who could forget the birth of Siku the polar bear, or Hickory the Scottish Deerhound’s Best in Show win at Westminster?

2011 also brought us many adorable, funny, and touching cat videos. Below are the top 5 most-viewed cat videos chosen by Pet Place readers.


Valentine’s Day Pets

Valentine’s Day is a day for loving, no matter what your species. Readers couldn’t get enough of these sweet pets canoodling for the holiday.


Cat Tunnels in Snow

Snowy days didn’t dampen this cat’s excitement for the weather. And even though the season might be warmer now, this video doesn’t lose its charm.


Kitten Obstacle Course

Our readers love kitten videos but this one was exceptionally popular. Take one look and you’ll understand why.


Cat Refuses to Exercise

New Year’s resolutions can be tough. This little kitty helped many readers feel better about their own exercise habits.


Cat Chases Hose Water

And finally, our top video of 2011. If you think cats hate water, think again. This one just can’t get enough of the hose.

2012 no doubt has many more great things in store…and that includes wonderful cat videos. Check out our collection (updated every week!) at