Wagging In The Workplace Infographic: The Benefits of Pets At Work

You’ve probably read articles about the benefits of eating lunch at work somewhere else than your desk. You may have noticed information about the value of getting up and moving during the work day. But what about the value of having a pet at work? How much do you know about that?

Turns out, more and more of us have pets—about two-thirds of all U.S. households in fact—which means many of us don’t want to leave those furry friends all day long. But still, bringing a pet to work isn’t exactly accepted practice in most workplaces. But it might be, if companies began to consider the host of benefits.

Can Pets at Work Improve Employee Retention?

For example, pets at work are a great way to lessen stress and improve employee retention—and those are just two plusses. But how do you institute a pet-friendly workplace policy, and why should you consider it? This link explains it.