What Does Your Cat Want for The Holidays?

'Tis the season! You and your cat are as happy as two turtle doves until the holidays roll around. Oh sure, at first you're filled with a warm, fuzzy feeling, thinking, "Ah, it'll be so nice to give the perfect gift to my special cat." But think again.

Countless cat owners fall victim to buying kitty the wrong gift. To get some clues about what your cat really wants, just take this quiz about cat behavior. Understanding your cat's personality type is key to getting the right present.

What better way to figure it out than with expert help? We've identified five distinct cat personality types. Based on your answers, we'll tell you exactly how to get your kitty the purr-fect gift.

Your Cat's Personality Style

When company comes, your cat:
A. Greets the visitor with welcome paws.
B. Disappears under the bed 24/7.
C. Demands attention first and foremost.
D. Darts out the door and climbs the nearest tree or jumps the highest fence.
E. Stays in her place and doesn't blink a cat's eyelash.

The first time you took your cat to the vet, she surprised you by:
A. Nuzzling up to the good doctor.
B. Refusing to get out of the cat crate.
C. Meowing too loud and too long.
D. Jogging laps around the doctor.
E. Curling up on the examining table and catching some z-z-z's.

Riding in the car with your furry friend is:
A. Like having a wonderful traveling companion.
B. Not fun. After all, your cat cries the entire drive.
C. A challenging feat. You have to make a stop at kitty's favorite fast food drive thru for those yummy chicken strips.
D. A major distraction due to her acrobatic feats.
E. Nothing to write home to Mom about.

When you call your cat, you can expect:
A. A happy feline at your feet in no time.
B. To have to call again, and again and again.
C. To use all the pet names you can think of (and coax) as needed.
D. To find a scruffy cat teamed with a live lizard, bird or mouse.
E. A laid-back puss' eye stare (if you're in close proximity), nothing more.

When children are around, your cat:
A. Purrs, meows and comes alive.
B. Disappears fast.
C. Expects to be treated the same, if not better.
D. Acts like a dog and will fetch, jump and run upon command.
E. Sits on top of the television remote control.

When presented with a new kind of food, your cat:
A. Is eager to try new eats.
B. Is highly suspicious and may not eat.
C. Will eat it if it's premium cat food — and expect to dish out more.
D. Will roll over and beg for more if it's tasty.
E. May try a bite if you serve it to her on a TV tray.

When someone sits in your favorite cat's chair, you'll find:
A. Your puss is content and purrs on top of a lap (any lap).
B. Your puss will flee and find another suitable spot.
C. Your puss will cry incessantly until that chair becomes empty.
D. Your puss will move over and roll over on her back.
E. Your puss will not budge an inch. After all, she was there first.

When a human vacuums, your cat:
A. Hops onto the machine and goes along for the ride.
B. Darts to a quiet place.
C. Acts disturbed at the noise and refuses to leave her noise-polluted area.
D. Scampers about and tries to catch the loud monster.
E. Stares at the vacuum and does not do a thing.

If a new person or pet visits for a week, your cat:
A. Is content, the more the merrier.
B. Packs her bags and may or may not leave you a forwarding address.
C. Begins a pesky behavior program at once.
D. Tries to engage the visitor to play ball.
E. Wears a do not disturb look.

When you're sick, you'll find your cat:
A. Will share her breakfast (in bed) with you.
B. May lie next to you and purr.
C. Jumps up on your in bed and demands breakfast, sick or not.
D. Chases the dog for entertainment.
E. Is happy to have a soul mate.

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