worst thing about owning a cat

What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Cat?

Cats bring tons of joy, love, and companionship in to our lives. But they can also bring other “stuff”. There is always bad with the good.

So…Dr. Debra tossed out a poll a few weeks ago and asked cat lovers – What is the worst thing about owning a cat. The goal is NOT to deter anyone from getting a pet but to be educated about the pros and cons to make sure a cat is the right fit for them.

Over 5,800 cat lovers responded and the results were as follows:

What is the worst thing about owning a cat? %
Cat hair 15
Inappropriate urination or spraying 13
Destroying/scratching furniture 12
Having to scoop the litter box 10
Cost of medical care 10
Other answer 10
Litter box odors 10
Waking you up 6
Finding location for litter box 4
Loud meowing 3
Wanting to go outside 3
Cost of cat food 2
Allergies to cat 2
Other pet odors 1

There was a large number that said other. These were the responses:

Other “worst things about owning a cat” that was not on the list